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Machine mobile à rayons X est un type de nos machines à rayons X, si cela ne pourrait pas nourrir votre exigence, jetez un oeil à d'autres produits à rayons X, tels que  radiographie numérique,machine à rayons X  portable, machine mobile de radiographie processeur de film à rayons X , machine à rayons X dentairec-bras machine à rayons X .

L'introduction de la machine à rayons X - Avez-vous déjà entendu parler de l'histoire de la découverte de rayons X? Comment rayons X a été découvert? Pouvez-vous comprendre certaines utilisations de machine à rayons X?

Total 540 storage combination controlled by element such as kV mA S is applied radiography for the following filed three body position, fat middle and thin body type, automatic detect and display cod of mistake in system, send warning signal, detect accuracy and maintain.-radiograph x ray
Equipped with single diagnostic table and x-ray rubes, single direct bridge full-wave commutation, tube voltage is 125kV, tube currency is 500mA.-xray radiography
General radiography,Filter-ray-filter radiograph;Unit Configuration Control ,HT generator unit,Ht cable,X-ray tube unit,Radiographic table-X-ray source column ,Collimator Function. The unit can used for general radiography, Bucky radiography of body’s head, chest, foot and hand, bones in lying.-xray equipment
Equipped with double diagnostic table and xray rubes, tube voltage is 125kV, tube currency is 400mA, single direct bridge full-wave commutation.-diagnose equipment
Microcomputer control x-ray radiography assembles: 500mA and 630mA optional.-x ray in medical
The serial product is fafionaly medical diagnostic Xray unit. It can be used for general fluoroscopy, radiography grid and gastrointestinal regions spot film. It can also work together with bueky and radiography unit.-100ma x-ray machine
The unit can used for general radiography, bucky radiography for head, chest, extremities, and bones, etc.-medical use of x rays
The unit can used for general radiography, Bucky radiography of body’s head, chest, foot and hand, bones in lying-medical x ray machine for sale
Height (inside height) (available custom-made requirement):650mm*780mm-x ray table for sale
The X-ray drying cabinet is suitable for the units such as the hospital and the institution of higher educ-x-ray film dryer
Fixer emission is controlled by a switch, which is automatically pumped out to the collection bin, and thus completely solves users’difficulty in replacing liquid-x-ray film developer machine

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