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Nom De Produit:  High frequency digital radiography system for sale - MSLDR01
Prix Franco A Bord: US $1000~US $10000
Prix de liste:  
Prix:  1000~10000
Poids:   Kg
Quantité Minimum De Commande:  1 Set
Capacité D'Offres:  500 Sets per month
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  • Properties: High Frequency X-ray machine
  • Brand Name: MSL
  • Model Number: MSLDR01
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Detail: within 15 workdays after receipt of payment










frequency X-ray machine

Output power


Main inverter frequency


X-ray tube

(What is an x-ray tube? The construction of x-ray tube)

Dual-focus X-ray tube

Small focus:0.6  Large focus:1.3

rotary anode speed


Tube Current


Tube voltage





Digital Image System



Digital Detector

Field of view

17*17 Inch



Ultimate spatial resolution


Pixel size


Output grayscale


Imaging time


Image Workstation

Acquisition module

Inside enhancement module

Image processing module

tissue equilibrium,W/L adjustment, Gamma correction, interest district, reversed phase, noise reduction, smooth, sharpen, pseudo color, edge extraction, shadow compensation, filter nuclear, single window, dual-window, four windows, movement, label character, drawing label, length measurement, angle measurement, rectangular length, rectangular area, elliptic length, elliptic area

Image information management

Dicom image transmission, film printing, mass storage(hard disk, compact disk)

Mechanical structure  and performance


Vertical movement range

450mm-1700mm(motorized control)

Focus-screen movement range

1000mm-1800mm(motorized control)

Rotation range

-40°~+130°(motorized control)

Photography table

Table size


Table height


Transverse movement


Longitudinal movement

100mm(±50mm, electromagnetic lock)

Power supply

380V 50HZ

















































1. With columnar cesium iodide screens, German original lens and SLR CCD digital detector, the image is of higher definition.

2. Leading domestic high power combined high frequency high voltage X-ray source and high frequency inverter power supply, which can reduce energy loss from outside HV generator and cable. It makes good quality X-ray, beautiful appearance and convenience.

3. With human graphical operation interface, true color LCD touch screen, and digital intelligent control system, the operation is more convenient.

4. Appling different photographic parameters according to the human characteristics, such as multi-site, multi-position, multi-body shape, adult and children etc., the parameters can be modified and stored at will, which makes the operation more convenient.

5. With multiple automatic protection features and fault tips, it ensures the safety during operation process.

6. Adopting international professional medical image processing technology Contextvision, the machine has perfect function of DR image processing.

7. Adopting international Dicom3.0 standard, it’s convenient to connect PACS system, transmit and print.

8. DR detector is connected to Gigabit Ethernet, so it’s safe and swift to do image acquisition.

9. The self-designed and manufactured electric U-arm mainframe can move up and down, and rotate in a wide range, which can satisfy the requirements of multi-site photography, such as the position of standing and lying.

10. Adopting original Italian geared motor, the features are more stable.

11. Adopt automatic digital control driven technology in mechanical movement, with high accuracy and reliable.

12. Three control methods of mechanical movements: close table control, hand control and compartment control, it makes the operation flexible and convenient.


1. Newly designed U-arm mainframe                                    one set

2. High power combined high frequency high voltage X-ray source          one set

3. High inverter power supply electrical cabinet                           one set

4. Multi-function operation screen                                       one set

5. 17〞×17〞digital detector                                            one set

6. 19〞medical specialized LCD display                                  one set

7. Imaging workstation                                                 one set

8. Hand-held control                                                   one set

9. Imported 18〞×18〞grids                                             one set


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