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ECG Machine Fault and six solutions

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ECG machine in daily use,often hot pen tracings graphics too thick or too thin,interference,baseline drift is too large,the damping is not normal fault,seriously affecting the lastest ECG machine.

Causes and Remedy summarized as follows:

1.Tracings graphics too thick or too small Cause: The temperature is too high or too low.

Remedy: Adjust the temperature of the hot pen,pen adjustment potentiometer allows the thermoelectric temperature can be appropriate.

2.When interference in ECG paper records go,superimposed with a certain level and regular sine wave or an irregular glitches superimposed on the ECG,that is interference.
Please see below:
(1)Lead switch set to "0" bit of interference,judgment is 50Hz or low-frequency interference.If 50Hz interference generally leads input section has broken,sealing off phenomenon that leads line break; leads switch to input amplifier board seat cord broken legs,sealing off or broken wiring.If the performance of low-frequency interference,first check the brush bristles is neat; whether or not to have electrical contact at the contact,and then check whether the motor coil has disconnected.

(2)Interference lead wire break,hidden off or leakage at work can cause interference.However,due to interference generally lead wire break,causing the performance only when the relevant state will lead the introduction of interference.The easiest and most thorough way is to replace the lead wire,but best value if a fix cut-off point or leakage from office,and then re-welded.Lead switch is defective,wiring break,sealing off etc.will introduce interference.Pen recorder or heat coil and housing contact may also introduces interference.

(3)Other power ripple is excessive interference filter capacitor damage,internal should be grounded at not connected, or shielded internal cable unreasonable interference and poor can be introduced.

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3.Baseline drift leads switch in the "0" position,the recorder does not depict baseline levels have slowly increased or decreased,namely baseline drift.

Remedy: enlarge the board with an alcohol wipe each plug and socket to prevent leakage phenomenon.After allowing to dry completely,to see if the baseline drift is still too large.Then check whether the coupling capacitance between the preamplifier and amplifier drain voltage.Then,check the closed relay circuit.With a line split method,closed off the relay circuit,such as drift meet the standard requirements,the fault relay closed damage or leakage,replace it.

Finally,check the FET.First with an alternative method to replace the same type FET FET preamp respectively. Such as the failure to eliminate only the front stage of a field effect transistor (or two) input resistance instability,should be replaced.But we must use two parameters are relatively close to the original two FETs are replaced,otherwise,if FET asymmetry,will have a significant impact on other indicators electrocardiogram machine.Such as drift is still too large.Usually only after a certain stage FET input resistance instability,the same method can be replaced.

4.Damping errors:
(4)1mV calibration when scanning voltage waveform and has rounded corners and no red wave damping is too large.Remedy: Adjust damping adjustment potentiometer allows damping medium.

(5)Description 1mV calibration voltage waveform when the waveform crossed the large,damping is too small.Remedy: Adjust damping adjustment potentiometer allows the damping medium.Remedy: Adjust damping adjustment potentiometer allows the damping medium.If the damping is too small and does not adjust the time,check whether sealing off damper adjustment potentiometer,damage or bad.If damaged it should be replaced.If no damage,then the fault is caused by loss of field records,should be replaced or re-recorded on the magneto.

(6)If the damping uneven,usually hot pen lay flat,between hot pen retaining clip and rail have a greater gap adjustment,subject to ECG machine is a relatively sophisticated equipment,should be used to avoid the humidity,vibration,strong electric fields,magnetic fields and other places,ECG room should be kept away from the X-ray room,physiotherapy room,elevator to reduce.

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