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As a centrifuge supplier, offering cheap centrifuge for sale and serve for you is our happiness. The products in this category are refrigerated centrifuge, High speed centrifuge, blood centrifuge, hematocrit centrifuge, urine centrifuge, veterinary centrifuge.

Cheap Lab& Medical centrifuge
Maximum speed: 4000; Maximum RCF: 2600
Max. Speed: (r/min)12000 - Refrigerated centrifuge specifications
Max. Speed: 16500 (r/min) - Ultra high speed centrifuge
Max. Speed: 16800(r/min) - refrigerated benchtop centrifuge
Max. Speed: 20800(r/min) - Benchtop refrigerated centrifuge
Max. Speed: (r/min)24000 - Fixed angle rotor centrifuge
Max. Speed: 26000(r/min) - swing rotor centrifuge
Max. Capacité: 4 × swing 100ml Rotor - Haute vitesse centrifugeuse réfrigérée

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