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Steam sterilizer is one kind of our autoclave, If this could not feed your requirement, just see other autoclave or sterilizer, such as automatic autoclave, dental autoclave, portable autoclave.

Actual dimension of the sterilizing chamber, cm φ60×100
luxury type separate bed head unit machine MSLHBD01 for nurse call system
physical spec: System Dimension: Height: 402mm Width: 385mm Depth: 98mm
3.5 minutes per sample Fully Auto Glycated Hemoglobin HbA1c Analyzer machine MSLGH08
System Dimension: Height: 402 mm Width: 385mm Depth: 53mm Weight: Around 4.5 kg (Include Battery) Materials of systems Fireproofing and anti‐corrosion ABS
A: 30L±3 0.22MPa 134℃ electronic control 4~120Min 3.0
30L 2.0kW AC 220V、50Hz 0.22MPa 134℃ φ350×350 φ320×3001个 550×531×800
Chamber Dimension (mm): 247x450 Chamber Volume (Liter): 23
Probe Type: Consist by two of Convex, Microconvex, Linear, Small Linear, Transvaginal
Injector Arm and Pedestal: Dimension: Length: 22.5″(57.2cm) Width: 22.5″(57.2cm) Height: 50.2″(127.5cm) Weight: 14 kg
Injector Arm and Pedestal: Dimension: Length: 27.6″(70.0cm) Width: 27.6″(70.0cm) Height: 49.2″(125.0cm) Weight: 16.5kg
Scintillator: CsI or GdOS; Image size:17×17 inch;

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