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Buying radiation protection products from a reputable medical equipment dealer offers substantial savings. We carry a large selection of Radiation protection in every price range.Such as lead sheet, lead glass, x ray jean, lead vest,  lead apron, lead rubber. Furthermore, be sure you check our selection of cheap medical equipment and feel free to call us with any questions.

MSL x-ray machines Radiation protect for sale

0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb - Lead arm cover
0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb, CE - Lead leg pads | X ray foot guard
0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb - Cheap lead gloves
1100*600mm and 1000*600mm,0.35mmPb,0.50mmPb - Lead rubber apron
0.35mmPb & 0.50mmPb - X-ray lead glasses
Hospital or medical rubber sheet with CE
Lead Free Apron X-ray protection clothing with CE