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The microplate reader versamax / Absorbance Microplate Reader enables precise and accurate detection at wavelengths in the visible spectrum,include plate readers, microplate washers, automation capabilities. Our full line of microplate readers analyze samples using photometry, fluorometry, luminometry, TRF or FP. Offering you simplicity with Thermo Scientific ELISA solutions.

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Medium:7*4*1:100/bag Medium:7*4*1:100/bag Large:13*9*2:100/bag Small:5*3*0.8:100/bag Large:13*1.6:100/bag
Cheap medical crepe paper roll of factory price-MSLPR01
3 ply medical disposable nonwoven pp face mask with factory price MSLFM01
Stainless steel skid resistance pet bath tub MSLVB02
FUMINGWEI MG-SR has the outstanding appliance and the function of static electricity protection while being conveyed by any conveying equipments.- Discount Medical x-ray film

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