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En tant que société de dispositif médical vétérinaire, choisir l'équipement médical vétérinaire de qualité pour nos clients est notre responsabilité. Notre équipement médical vétérinaire comprend machine à rayons X  vétérinaire,scanner à ultrasons vétérinaire,appareil d'anesthésie vétérinaireventilateur vétérinaires, table d'opération  vétérinairesanalyseur vétérinairecage vétérinaireECG vétérinaire,moniteur patient vétérinaire.

Gas pressure: 0.25~0.65Mpa;Ventilation mode: Closed, half-closed, half-open
Puissance nominale de sortie: 100 kV, 40 mA, 0.1s, 4kW; Plage de réglage: 36mA ~ 70mA
MSLVU13 Handheld & Mini ultrasons machine est constitué par l'hôte, sonde, batterie externe, le type de clavier main
Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal printing
Veterinary bath tank can be used to wash and clean your pet, it is made of stainless steel, so it has a firm and steady structure, beauty and conveniece are its features at the same time.
Detection and alarm on lead-off and low battery. Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal printing
This kind of cages are used to display ,carry or exhibit pets , it is beautiful and really convenient ,also structure of the cage is very steady and firm.
The animal cage could use for animal injection and restraint,it is made of stainless steel and very firm.
The animal cage made of stainless steel can supply oxygen for pet, so if you cultivate your pet in it,the pet will be more vigorous.
The dog cage is made of wire metal,stainless steel pet cage, structure is steady and we can make for dog, for cat, for large animals. According to customer's required.
The dog cage with removable tray is made of high-quality stainless steel,which can be used to cultivate dog.
5 working modes, 6.4”medical LCD monitor,asy for carrying and working in the field-Portable ultrasound devices
3.5 inch high resolution color TFT LCD, 256 gray levels, 2.5/3.5/5.0MHz frequency-Best ultrasound machines
8 segment TGC, 2 probe sockets, 10” flash-free monitor-Ultrasound scan machine for sale
software for 1.General 2.Bovine, available laser printer, 250G hard disk storage for images & cine loop & reports-Medical equipment ultrasound

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