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Blood analyzers and hematology analyzers for sale we supply are best saler in our company. New medical equipment such as Blood Culture Analyzers, Bone Densitometers, Pulse Oximeters, Ultrasound Probes and Hospital Beds and Stretchers are sold by Absolute Medical Equipment at cheap and discounted prices. The blood analyzers  we supply including portable blood analyzer, blood coagulation analyzer, blood pressure analyzer, blood lactate analyzer, blood cell analyzer, handheld blood analyzer, veterinary blood analyzer.

Machine d'anesthésie ou système et machine à ventilateur à vendre
Vitesse: 300 tests / heure Chargez 135 tasse colorimétrique semi-permanent
Test Flow: Fully auto and the blood unrequired dilute or other process; Throughput: 35 samples/hour
Throughput: up to 300 tests/Hour(not including ISE tests); Test Method: End point, Fixed time, kinetic
Zero point correction: Auto track the zero point, eliminate the effect of sample and reagent; Wavelength:470nm
Light Source: Cold Lamp with high brightness and long lifetime; Test System: Color-indentify system with high sensitivity and repeatability
Language:English,Spanish,French and Chinese; Aperture diameter:WBC:100 um, RBC, PLT: 70um
Chaîne d'essai: Deux canaux; Débit: 60 échantillons / heure
Gamme d'absorbance: -0,214 ~ 3.000; Absorbance Répétabilité: ± 0,001
new liquid circulating system, storage not less than 100,000 results, 60 test /hour throughput-Fully automated hematology analyzer
Résolution 640x480, 8.4 "écran LCD, d'étalonnage manuel et auto calibration sang machines de l'analyseur
19 paramètres + 3 histogrammes, imprimante externe en option, écran LCD couleur affichage de haute qualité vétérinaire analyseur de sang
20 paramètres + 3 histogrammes de couleurs, jusqu'à douze modes de test pour les animaux, 12000 résultats de l'échantillon de l'analyseur compris histogrammes-Hématologie
3 différenciation partie du WBC, 22 paramètres, jusqu'à 45 échantillons par essai analyseurs heure sang
Fully automated, compact, flexible and low cost, 3-part differentiation of WBC: 23 parameters including 3 histograms-chemistry analyzer for sale
Able to save more than 15000 test results and auto save the results if the power is off during working-clinical chemistry analysers
Spectrometer: enclosed array of spectrometer and photodiodes, maintenance free-fully auto chemistry analyzer
Sampling system: pressure auto releasing pumps ensure the accuracy of suction volume-automatic biochemical analyzer
Detector: unique Dispersion light detector with high sensitivity and repeatability, immunized the effect on result of jaundice,hemolysis,chyle and turbidity on plasma -coagulometers

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