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Vitesse d'essai: 160 t / h; Points font taux: 0,0001 Abs
Vitesse: 300 tests / heure Chargez 135 tasse colorimétrique semi-permanent
Throughput: up to 300 tests/Hour(not including ISE tests); Test Method: End point, Fixed time, kinetic
Gamme d'absorbance: -0,214 ~ 3.000; Absorbance Répétabilité: ± 0,001
Fully automated, compact, flexible and low cost, 3-part differentiation of WBC: 23 parameters including 3 histograms-chemistry analyzer for sale
Able to save more than 15000 test results and auto save the results if the power is off during working-clinical chemistry analysers
Spectrometer: enclosed array of spectrometer and photodiodes, maintenance free-fully auto chemistry analyzer
Flow cell: 32uL, quartz glass; Liquid volume: 200-3000uL - Semi-automatic chemistry analyzer
Flow cell: 32uL, quartz glass; Analytical modes: end-point, absorbance - Semi-auto chemistry analyzer
Super-capacity memory, storage and measurement - Semi automatic biochemistry analyzer
Throughput225 T/h, Minimum reaction volume is 150ul - Fully automated biochemistry analyzer
Automatic printing, automatic storage, automatic wavelength setting - Semi auto biochemistry analyzer
240 tests / heure, interface bidirectionnelle LIS - analyseur de biochimie

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