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Appareil de radiographie   nous vendons est vraiment une bonne affaire, et même avec une haute qualité. Vous pouvez également trouver d'autres équipements médicaux vétérinaires, tels que machine à rayons X  vétérinaire , scanner à ultrasons vétérinaire, appareil d'anesthésie vétérinaire, ventilateur vétérinaires ,table d'opération  vétérinaires ,analyseur vétérinaire,cage vétérinaire, ECG vétérinaire, moniteur patient vétérinaire.

Puissance nominale de sortie: 100 kV, 40 mA, 0.1s, 4kW; Plage de réglage: 36mA ~ 70mA
Dimensions for X-ray tube voltage between 55KV and 85KV, Max. current for 100mA-Medical imaging x-ray
2.0KW veterinary medical instrument, Remote control with cord/wireless-Veterinary medical x ray machine
Output power for 20kW, Radiography, single-table single tube-Dental x ray machine price
4.0KW portable veterinary x-ray equipments, 6-segment LED display, Anatomical memories for 24 selection program-Innovet x-ray
3.5kw medical high frequency veterinary x ray machine, Machine size of L*W*H = 1200mm*750mm *1900mm-Digital dental x-rays safety
50mA Veterinary x-ray Equipment, x-ray radiography, Whole unit size for 1000*600*1300mm-X-rays dental
Max. Output for 2.0kW, Main frequency for 30kHz-Veterinary medical x ray equipment
Dimensions for 1200mm*600mm*750mm, X-ray tube voltage between 60KV and 90KV, Max. current for 50mA-Medical diagnostic imaging x-ray
3.5KW veterinary medical instrument, Remote control with cord/wireless-Veterinary x ray machine
Resistance not larger than 1Ω, Power supply Power for 35A, XD55 rotated anode X-ray tube-Veterinary equipment supply
control range≥5 m, XD4 2.9/100 Stationary anode, single focus-Diagnostic x-ray equipment
XD3-3.5/100 stationary anode, voltage insulation with the standard GB9706,1-9-Veterinary x ray machine
Combined with X-ray device,bridge rectification,oil-immersed self-cooled unit-Animal x ray machine
30mA Veterinary diagnostic X-ray equipment, 180~240V single-phase-Veterinary dental x ray equipment
30mA animal diagnostic X-ray device MSLVX01, combined X-ray generator-Veteranary supplies
Suitable in each kind of size cartridge - Portable veterinary x-ray

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