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Home ultrasound machine is one kind of our ultrasounds, If this could not feed your requirement, just see other ultrasounds, such as portable ultrasound machine, 3d ultrasound machine, handheld ultrasound, veterinary ultrasound, color ultrasound.

Introduction of B-ultrasonic Apparatus: What is ultrasound? Why do we use B-ultrasounic apparatus?...

Machine à ultrasons menagere est un type de nos échographies, si cela ne pourrait pas nourrir votre exigence,
jetez un oeil à d'autres échographies, tels que   machine portable à ultrasons, machine à ultrasons, échographe 3D, portatif à ultrasons, ultrason vétérinaire,échographie couleur Doppler.

Présentation de B-ultrasons Appareil: Quel est Ultrason? Pourquoi utilisons-nous l'appareil B-ultrasounic?

MSLVU13 Handheld & Mini ultrasons machine est constitué par l'hôte, sonde, batterie externe, le type de clavier main
Electronic focuses: 4-sector dynamic.Depth scroll up in B and B+B modes. Resolution Lateral:≤2mm, axial≤1mm.Measurement: Distance, circumference ,area, heart rate, EDD.Weight: 11.5 Kg(including probe). Dimensions(mm): 353Χ315Χ253.Packing dimensions(mm):430×390×410.If you have more question,please contact Grace.
Display mode:B,2B,4B,B/M,M, total 5 kinds.Frame frequency:30 frames/second.Puncture guiding function(2 guiding lines,angle and position adjustable).If you have any problem, please contact Grace.
Power Supply: 100V~130V/220V~240V, 50/60Hz,Monitor: 10 inch VGA.If you have any question,please contact Grace.

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