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Vêtements plomb est un type de nos produits de vêtements anti-rayonnement ,si cela ne pouvait pas nourrir votre exigence, jetez un oeil à l'autre de la radioprotection tels que le verre au plomb, jeans x- ray, gilet de plomb, tablier de plomb, feuille de plomb, caoutchouc plomb.

pull on from the back side and one-faced
Lead equivalent: 0.35MMPb, 0.5MMPb
équivalent plomb: 0.35MMPb, 0.5MMPb
The lead equivalent is: 0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb -lead pr...
Breast Protection,Nuclear Protective Product,Lead Products,X-...
long sleeves and one-faced-lead apron for x-ray protection
Protective Collar/Lead Collar/x-ray lead collar-x ray apparel...
The lead cap protection is high quality x-ray lead protective...
0.35mmpb, 0.50mmpb - X-ray lead gloves | Nuclear gloves
0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb - Lead arm cover
0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb, CE - Lead leg pads | X ray foot ...
0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb - Cheap lead gloves
1100*600mm and 1000*600mm,0.35mmPb,0.50mmPb - Lead rubber apr...
Full body radiation protective suit and Radiation proof suit ...

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