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We are one of MSL largest suppliers of testing equipment for field & laboratory use. We offer carry a large selection of Testing equipment such as Blood gas analyzer, Microplate readers, Portable blood analyzer, Blood coagulation analyzer, Blood pressure analyzer, Blood lactate measurement, Microscope, Oscillator etc.
Best Testing equipment for sale
Adopting large backlighting LCD screen, providing users gentler and clearer vision.
MSL100L ultra-pure water machine,Using the most advanced reverse osmosis technology in the world
System integration of the international advanced RO film technology
The water treatment equipment is the water treatment field holds the leading position
Features about our Electrolyte Analyzer MSLEA02 *Throughput: 60 samples/hour *Principle: ISE(Ion Selective Electrode) *5.6 inch touch screen *Auto sampling, washing, calibration *Low reagent consumption *Maintenance –free electrodes, 12 months lifespan *Auto-print and manual print *CE marked
Use an earphone collocated to hear the clear FHR sound.
Mainly for high-end customers
Mainly used for binocular observation
Mainly used for bacteria
Mainly used for binocular observation
The sample means: a randomized into the sample position, ready for testing.

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