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An infusion pump infuses fluids,medication or nutrients into a patient's circulatory system.It is generally used intravenously,although subcutaneous,arterial and epidural infusions are occasionally used.

We supply many kinds of cheap infusion pumps and even with high quality,MSL syringe pumps are people known for outstanding reliability and performance.

MSL cheap infusion pumps for sale

5-lead ECG cable, 3.5”high brightness TFT display, 1,200 groups of NIBP data storage and recall-Patient monitors manufacturers
Vet& Animal surgical table - MSLVT06
Spatial Resolution: higher than (15) Lp/mm Additional filter: 0.03mm Molybdenum Cassette size: 18*24cm or 24*32cm
OB report, Depth hoist / local zooming,Puncture guide-Veterinary ultrasound scanners
Dimensions for X-ray tube voltage between 55KV and 85KV, Max. current for 100mA-Medical imaging x-ray
Fixer emission is controlled by a switch, which is automatically pumped out to the collection bin, and thus completely solves users’difficulty in replacing liquid-x-ray film developer machine
3 part differentiation of WBC, 22 parameters, up to 45 samples test per hour-blood analysers
Aluminum alloy material, portable folding chair - Folding cane with seat
Alumunium, Auto expansion seal, Coal and heating mode - Portable pressure steam sterilizer with aluminum
3-way syringe,High suction and saliva ejector,Curing light - Dental light curing units
Automatic Steam Sterilizer have silicone rubble for seal

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