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The benchtop autoclave is our most popular model series that is compact and designed to sit on a laboratory bench or a support table.
Find here best quality medical autoclaves, laboratory autoclaves, hospital autoclaves, portable autoclaves at very competitive prices. Browse online Medsinglong.
Cheap benchtop autoclave for sale - Medsinglong
(φ340×550 mm) 20L 24L 35L (φ300×500 mm) 50L
20L(φ250×420 mm) 24L(φ250×520 mm)
20L(φ250×420 mm) 24L(φ250×520 mm)
Applications measurement: Swine: HLA, SLA Cattle: CTD, CHL, CCRL Dog: HD, BD, GSD, CRL Sheep: STD, SHD, SCRL Equine: EEGD, ECD, ESD, EBD Cat: HD, BD
Needle free No bleeding No trauma No downtime Safe and effective
One injection treatment= 1 thousand times facial mask
35L(φ318×450)mm 50L(φ340×550) mm 75L(φ400×600) mm 100L(φ440×650) mm
Magnifications for Main Microscope: 6X、10X、16X
Magnifications for Main Microscope f200: 4X 6X 10X 16X 25X f250: 3.2X 5X 8X 12.8X 20X f300:2.7X 4.2X 6.7X 11X 17X

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