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Portable medical diagnostic x ray machine-MSLPX01
Product Name:  Portable medical diagnostic x ray machine-MSLPX01
Latest Price: US$5800-8000 PER SET
Model No.:  MSLPX01
Weight:  Net weight:35 Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  1500 SETS PER MONTH

Quick Details

TYPE:Portable medical diagnostic x ray machine

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging detail:standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


Portable medical diagnostic x ray machine - MSLPX01

1, 4.0kw portable x ray unit

2, medical x-ray equipment

3, Mobile x ray machine

4, High frequency x-ray unit

Best Portable medical diagnostic x ray machine MSLPX01 for sale


X ray machine MSLPX01 Praises From Clients

MSL X ray machine MSLPX01 Praises From Clients

X ray machine MSLPX01 Praises From Clients

cheap X ray machine MSLPX01 Praises From Clients


MSL Portable medical diagnostic x ray machine-MSLPX01 for sale


new x ray machine-MSLPX01


better x ray machine-MSLPX01

portable x-ray machine

1. Portable medical diagnostic x ray machine Application

The 4kW portable high frequency x-ray unit is mainly suitable for extremities check, especially for rescues or diagnosis in field operation sites, battlefields, stadiums, vet clinics, etc.

2. Portable medical diagnostic x ray machine Features

1) Simple & light structure;

2) 6-segment LED display;

3) Anatomical memories for 24 selection program;

4) Double-loop (analog & digital) high precision control mode;

5) High precision control in tube voltage & current;

6) Self-protection & auto-diagnosis available when malfunction occurs.


medical diagnostic x ray machine

3. Specifications

Model MSLPX01
Power supply Voltage: AC220V± 10%, 50/60Hz ± 1Hz
Capacity: ≥5kVA;
Internal resistance: ≤0.5Ω
Maximum output power P =110kV×36mA=4kW
Nominal output power 100kV,40mA,0.1s,4kW
Frequency ≥40kHz
kV adjustable range 40kV~110kV, continuous regulation, stepping 1kV
mA adjustable range 36mA~70mA
mAs adjustable range 1mAs-200mAs,continuous regulation, stepping 1kV
Exposure time adjustable range 0.04s~3.2s
X ray tube Focus: 0.6/1.5mm,
Thermal Capacity: 76kHU
Anatomical program 24 memory choices available
Accessories Standard: manual switch,cable
Optional: mobile steel support

portable x-ray unit

digital portable x-ray machine


advanced x ray machine-MSLPX01

MSLPX01 pictures of a hospital treating patients in Guatemala



Environmental and safety requirements of climate machinery shall be in accordance with the standard requirements on which they are based.



Packing Detail for portable x-ray diagnostic machine

MSL dental chair unit packaging

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