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Single channel with measurement report - Digital single channel ecg machine
Standard 12 leads - Single channel ecg/ekg machine
Twelve channel with interpretive, 128 patients save/copy/communication - 12 channel ECG
480 groups of NIBP data storage and review - Multiparameter patient monitor
72-hour tabular and graphic trends of all parameters - Multiparameter patient monitoring system
Anesthesia Machine/high integrated anesthesia workstation with CE mark
icu ventilator machine for adult,child,veterinary and even with cheap price
icu ventilator, Ventalation systems - MSLVM02 (multi-functional Ventilator) is applicable for children and adults in sickroom, ICU or of emergency
Ventilator equipment for venterinary, adult and child
Halothane anesthesia or other gas anesthesia machine for adult and child
Enflurane Anesthesia or Other Gas Anesthesia Machine for adult and child
Sevoflurane Anesthesia Machine for adult and child
Isoflurane Anesthesia or other Gas Anesthesia Machine for adult and child.

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