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  • SonoScape’s product has won the favor and trust of customers due to its performance, design and price.
    As our dedication to bring innovative, high performing, yet affordable equipment to customers, SonoScape has received a variety of rewards and recognition from organizations around the world.
    Continuing the mission “caring for life through innovation”, we have brought together a team of senior engineers and a dedicated workforce in China and abroad. The majority of our engineers have been working in the medical field for more than 20 years and most of them are masters and PhD degree holders.
Best sonoscape ultrasound machine price list: ultrasonido abdominal
Apogee 5300 Touch - General color Doppler system
wireless scanner 6.5MHZ Transvaginal probe MSLPU6 /MSLPU6 Plus
wireless ultrasound scanner 6.5MHZ linear probe MSLPU5/ MSLPU5 PLUS
Abdomen, Gynecology Obstetrics, Urology Micro Convex 6.5MHZ
wireless scanner 7.5MHZ linear probe MSLPU3 / MSLPU3 PLUS
Abdomen, Gynecology Obstetrics, Urology
Color wireless ultrasound probe MSLPU1 /MSLPU1 plus for Android phone
Convex transducer (2-5Mhz) Cavity transducer (2-5Mhz) Linear transducer (5-12Mhz) Micro-convex transducer (5-10Mhz)
convex array, linear array, heart and cavity probes - Portable 3d ultrasound machine
3.5mhz convex probe (64 elements) 7.5mhz convex probe (128 elements) 10.0mhz convex probe (128 elements) 3.5mhz linear probe (64 elements) 7.5mhz linear probe (128 elements) 10.0mhz convex probe (128 elements)....

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