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C-arm x-ray machine is one kind of our x-ray machines, If this could not feed your requirement, just see other x-ray products, such as portable x-ray machine, mobile x-ray machine, x-ray film processor, dental x-ray machinedigital radiography.

The introdution of x-ray machine - Have you ever heard of the story about the discovery of X-ray? How was X-ray discovered? Could you figure out some uses of X-ray machine?...

MSL c-arm x ray machine for sale
Pulse and boost fluoroscope provides all kinds of size of patients
Adopt rotating beam limiting device to adjust the X-ray field and angle freely.
Our high frequency technology assures the best image in every operating condition
Our high frequency technology assure the best image in every operating condition.
MSLCT-Dual is a workhorse for all routine clinical applications.
Controled by computer programs. The KV mode、 mA mode、mAs mode and other mode can be set as priority for body parts exposune.
It is designed on the principles of X-ray drum curvature tomography.
Single diagnostic table and single X-ray tube with rotated anode.
Single diagnostic table and single X-ray tube with rotated anode
14"x17" cassette-sized wireless detector; easily fits into standard bucky tray cabinets for upgrading a film or CR system to a flat-panel DR system.
It is equipped with APR/AEC which possess tube overload protection) The control functions of the generator are integrated in the system control center

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