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Puissance nominale de sortie: 100 kV, 40 mA, 0.1s, 4kW; Plage de réglage: 36mA ~ 70mA
MSLVU13 Handheld & Mini ultrasons machine est constitué par l'hôte, sonde, batterie externe, le type de clavier main
Display mode:B,2B,4B,B/M,M, total 5 kinds.Frame frequency:30 frames/second.Puncture guiding function(2 guiding lines,angle and position adjustable).If you have any problem, please contact Grace.
Operation mode: Manual mode; 3 Auto modes(with measurement report, automatic Analyze is optional)-latest ecg machine
Calcium tungstate blue, rare earth blue, rare earth green - X-ray intensifying screen
Multi dimension, cheap price - X-ray film cassette
2(3) metal strip, lycra, n cloth - Patella stabilizer knee brace
3 thick aluminum hinge, Breathable comfortable cushion - Neoprene aluminum hinged knee brace
R60 3.5MHz convex array probe - portable vet ultrasound
72-hour tabular and graphic trends of all parameters - Multiparameter patient monitoring system
3 part differentiation of WBC,Large colour LCD - Fully automated hematology analyzer
Suitable for X-ray machine, CT,MRI,and other. CE Approval
Portable vet ultrasound scanner with rich information management
Portable ultrasound for sale with 10 inch SVGA high resolution monitor
Hospital or medical rubber sheet with CE
X ray lead glass | X ray protection glass with CE - MSLLG01

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