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Le verre au plomb est un type de nos produits de radioprotection, si cela ne pourrait pas nourrir votre exigence,jetez un oeil à l'autre radioprotection comme  la feuille de plomb, verre de  plomb, jean x- ray, gilet de plomb, masque de plomb, le tablier de plomb, caoutchouc plomb.

Product Name:  X ray lead glass | X ray protection glass - MSLLG01
Latest Price: US $ 40 - 2000 / Pack
Model No.:  40-2000
Weight:   Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Pack/Packs Lead Glass
Supply Ability:  1000 Pack/Packs per Month
Payment Terms:  L/C,T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Escrow, PayPal
Shino Hu

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: MSL
  • Model Number: MSLLG01
  • lead glass: xray machine accessory

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: standard export package
Delivery Detail: within 15 workdays after payment



1.lead glass x ray
2 x-ray protection series
3 protective lead glass

Specificationas below:

1. 1500X 1000 X 20

2. 1500X 900  X 20

3. 1200X 900 X 20

4. 1200X800 X 20

5. 1200X 600 X 200

6. 1000X 800 X 20

7. 900 X600 X 20

8. 800 X600 X 20

9. 700 X500 X 20

10. 600 X 400X 20

11. 600 X 400X 12


Remark: We can customize upon buyers' requirement. All sizes up to 2.4m*1.2m!


x-ray lead glass




The radiation-proof lead glass is a kind of brittle materials. Having the heavy specific gravity, it should be taken carefully during the course of movement.


When the lead glass is fixed to the window, the surroundings of the window should be sealed up by lead boards or by lead rubber to prevent the ray’s leaking from there.

When fixing the radiation-proof lead glass, the damp timbers should not be used for the window frames. Because when the timbers shrink, the lead glass would be damaged.

The surface of the radiation-proof lead glass should not touch or rub with the hard or rough objects to prevent the marks emergence.

The radiation-proof lead glass should be used and stored in the dry and ventilation areas. It should not be washed and cleaned by water, or else there will appear some speckle. If it has already appeared some speckle. we can use absorbed cotton with ethanol to wipe it.

Because the glass has weak stability, we should keep it away from these chemicals, such as paint, thinner. If they contact each other, the glass can easily be oxidized. In the short time, we can use the ethanol to clean it. If it does not work, please contact our company.


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