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MSL laser equipment to include laser spider vein removal, Laser Vaginal Tightening Machine, Laser Hair Removal Machines, laser tattoo removal machine, etc. 
MSL is a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine and was the first to introduce many technologies in the field. We repair and supply parts for all cosmetic, aesthetic and medical lasers.
Long Pulse Laser Hair Removal Equipment MSLHR10
Product Name:  Long Pulse Laser Hair Removal Equipment MSLHR10
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Model No.:  MSLHR10
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
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Laser hair follicles have been able to fully absorb the organization

The laser can effectively pass through the skin to reach the location of the hair follicle

Adjustable long pulse width

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Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


Long Pulse Laser Hair Removal Equipment MSLHR10

A. The best-wavelength laser: 
Laser hair removal must satisfy two important conditions; 
For the first: laser hair follicles have been able to fully absorb the organization; 
Second: the laser can effectively pass through the skin to reach the location of the hair follicle. 

Long-pulse laser’s wavelength is 1064nm, It is a spectrum of near-infrared region, and better absorption of melanoma at the same time to penetrate the deep dermis and subcutaneous fatty tissue, in different parts of the role and depth of the hair follicle, effectively removing any parts of the human body and depth of the hair. 

As for the result of the leg veins, telangiectasia, vascular diseases such as tumors of the target tissue - oxyhemoglobin, the use of selective absorption of the target tissue, long width pulsed laser pulse width Principles, making relaxation in the thermal effect of pre-time Treatment to reach target tissue. 

Long Pulse Laser Hair Removal Equipment MSLHR10
B. Adjustable long pulse width: It can protect the normal skin while removing different types of pigment diseases 
Best result of hair removal connect with the pulse width and thickness of hair. Coarse hair the more necessary for the role of laser longer, the long-pulse laser pulse width is from 1 ms to 30 ms, It can obtain the desired effect of hair removal, At the same time, It can effectively protect the skin from heat damage. 
It can effectively penetrate the hair follicle to the site, the wavelength of the laser is around 1064nm, in the near-infrared spectral region, the absorption of melanin in the hair follicle, resulting in selective 
destruction, so that the hair follicle degeneration, shrinking to the role of permanent hair removal And therefore the more coarse black hair and Vietnam, its hair follicles bigger, deeper melanoma, it's more acceptable to the laser damaging effects, the better it is, on the contrary more valuables hair color shallow consequential effects of the poor, white hair as a result of Hair follicle-free treatment of melanoma and therefore null and void. 

Long Pulse Laser Hair Removal Equipment MSLHR10
C. No pigmentation of the most suitable for Asian skin: 
Laser through the skin on the role of the hair follicle, epidermal basal cell layer of melanin to absorb the laser energy produce inflammation, caused by postoperative skin pigmentation, which will last ten days pigmentation, would adversely affect the effect of beauty. Asians who belong to the non-ferrous.

The long-pulse laser thermal relaxation of the use of pre-time effects in the role of the skin, can lower the energy output under the premise of hair to achieve the objective of long-pulsed laser deep penetration depth, the skin to absorb the laser energy rarely, so Pigmentation is not easy to present itself. 
3. The effect of hair removal connect with the hair growth cycle 
Hair growth is divided into three periods: growth, recessive, quiescent period. The different parts have different hair growth cycle. Recessive of the hair quiescent has no significant role in hair growth, and so only in order to play a role. Therefore, laser hair removal takes effect only after repeated obvious. 
In the treatment, hair growth in the proportion of the smaller, the number of treatment has to be more. 

The other hand, growth in the proportion of more treatment, the better. If the scalp, beard, the upper lip hair growth in the proportion is 85%, 70%, 65%. And Ye Mao, bikini, is only 30% growth. In the chest, arms, legs hair growth in the proportion of smaller, representing only 20 per cent. This shows that the effects of good or bad hair, and hair growth cycle and the number of treatment and treatment related to the frequency.

Long Pulse Laser Hair Removal Equipment MSLHR10

Wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm (telangiectasia, the treatment of hemangiomas) 
Energy density : 8--600J / cm2 
Pulse width : 1-30ms 
Pulse mode: a number of synchronization pulses 
Repetition rate: 0.5Hz, 1Hz, 2Hz (low energy can be adjusted to the time 2Hz) 
Spot size: adjustable from 3mm to 15mm

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