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Progesterone testing is a very useful, inexpensive and readily available tool in female dog reproduction.The progesterone test can be done every 2-3 days starting about 3-5 days into the heat. 
A quantitative progesterone blood test is the single most accurate method for timing breedings. The test is reported as a numeric result, usually ng/dl. Combined with observing the behavor of the dog and bitch, vaginal cytology, ovulation can be pinpointed with great accuracy in most bitches.
Progesterone is baseline prior to the LH surge, begins to rise at the time of the LH surge and by time the bitch ovulates is in the 4-8 ng/ml range.
If you are planning on breeding from your bitch, then measuring progesterone levels is an easy and reliable way of gauging the optimum time to mate. 

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Using fluorescent immunoassay to detect canine progesterone, accurately determine whether to ovulate.
The operation is simple, only serum test is needed, and the result is within 15 minutes, and the accuracy is over 98%.
Equipped with immunofluorescence quantitative rapid test reagents
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