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10,000 oxygen machine of units delivered India. Best Oxygen Generator Price in China. High oxygen purity. Low noise.  Easy to use.  Delivers up to 95.5% oxygen concentration. OEM&ODM serive、In stock, Fast Shipping、Free Customs Clearance. Medical grade,Dual flow 10L, 10L oxygen concentrator for sale. Yuwell oxygen machineProvide the best price.

Fast delivery,Medical grade,Dual flow 10L,In stock,10L oxygen concentrator
Through physical principle, nitrogen in air is separated from oxygen by large discharge oil-free compressor
Produce oxygen-enriched air which can provide oxygen therapy or relieve discomfort caused by hypoxia
Real stable medical grade *Oxygen purity Over 90%
Oxygen production and atomization,low decibels for more peace of mind
Intelligent self checking system with error code showing in LCD
The outlet nominal prressure is zero and 7 KPa (0~10) continuously adjustable, allowing error 士10%
Imported molecular sieve raw materials Oil free compressor 24 hours stable oxygen supply
Flexible adjustment of flowmeter,accurate flow data
Higher oxygen utilization rate,effective use of every 1 liter of oxygen
Innovative"cooling"technology to improve reliability and life of the unit
CO2 sampling through nasal prongs for accurate monitoring
Made of medical grade PVC,soft & comfortable
3 Medical Grade Filtrations,10L Edition
Work continuously and high working efficiency

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