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Slimline Machines use electronic muscle stimulation to help with weight loss, slimming, toning, firming and reduction of cellulite. 
MSL Slimming Machines include home use body machine, Vacuum roller velashape machine, Fat freezing machine, hifu slimming machine, etc. Shop with confidence.
liposuction cryolipolysis fat freezing machine MSLMH09
Product Name:  liposuction cryolipolysis fat freezing machine MSLMH09
Latest Price:
Model No.:  MSLMH09
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Quick Details

Diamond Dermabrasion Machine x 1
PVC vacuum hose 6*4 x 1
Diamond pen x 3
Pens box & foam x1
Diamond Head x 9
Heads box & foam 1
O-rings x 3
Cotton Filter x 1package
Power cord x 1
Fuse x3
Manual x1

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


liposuction cryolipolysis fat freezing machine MSLMH09

portable cryolipolysis machine
Instruction of
Portable Diamond Dermabrasion Unit
The Micro-crystal Dermabrasion was designed by Italian Florence's Mattioli at first, until now had over 20 years’ history. This kind of technology only supplies to the dermatology expert and doctor at first uses, but more and more SPA House & Beauty Saloon alsogradually uses, it was called the best method of medical beauty. This method successfully hasdeveloped in Europe for several years, cures patient thousands of examples, and has obtained the extremely satisfactory effect. Now we want to introduce the Diamond Dermabrasion, it is a creative improvement of the Micro-crystal Dermabrasion. The Diamond Dermabrasion provided a non-surgical skin refinish procedure, by using sterile diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer, then Vacuuming out the particles along with any dirt
cryolipolysis fat freezing machine
Supplies and Accessories
Diamond Dermabrasion Machine x 1
PVCvacuum hose 6*4x 1
Diamond pen x 3
Pens box & foam x1
Diamond Head x 9
Heads box & foam 1
O-rings x 3
Cotton Filter x 1package
Power cord x 1
Fuse x3
Manual x1
Voltage: 240V/50/60Hz
Power: 65 VA Fuse: 2A
cryolipolysis machine cost
6. Do not modifyor attemptto repair the machine, contact the technician for maintenance.
Trouble Shooting
If the machine does not function properly, please follow these procedures before requesting maintenance.
1. Low suction power/ low vacuum pressure: Please check again the vacuum hose should be connected well to the socket and then hand pieces. And then turn the Vacuum Regulator to the maximum, and then start theDiamond Dermabrasion, and then use finger to block the hole ofthe hand pieces. Normally the vacuum Gauge can reach the 24 inch Hg. 
** Please check the O ring in the Diamond pens & O ring in
the socket!
If you cannot settle the problem finally, please contact your distributor. Don’t openthe machineby yourself withoutthe technician guidance.
2. No response when turn on the power. Please exchange the fuse. And connect the power cord correctly. If cannot settle the problem, please contact to your distributor.
and dead skin backup. This procedure removes skin debris, imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation on the skin. Moderate usage of Diamond Dermabrasion, accompany with skin products that penetrate through top skin layer that reach the dermis level, helps to replenish natural nutrients, restore cell activity, and promote skin health. The results after Micro Dermabrasion treatment is usually a healthy, glowing, beautiful skin.
*** Preparation before treatment
1. A consultation included the examination of the skin, a plan for treatment.
2. Operator should wear vinyl gloves and a facemask.
3. On oily or acne skin, a steamer may be used prior to the treatment, or a degreasing lotion may be applied prior to the cleanser.
4. Cleansing the skin with Cleansinggel or water, thenwipe off withcotton pad. Allow the skin to dry. 
Operating Instruction for Diamond
1. Push in the movable ring of copper nozzle at the hand piece, and pullout the 6x4 size vacuum hose. Then push in the black plastic ring on the vacuum hose.
2. Put a drop of cream or milk lotion on the vacuum hose nozzle, push in the movable ring and insert in the vacuum hose to the limit.
3. Insert a cotton swab into the Diamond Head, then tight up the Diamond Head onthe hand piece. Remove the cotton swab after every treatment.
4. Turn on the power switch.
5. Adjust the Vacuum intensity by Vacuum Regulator according to the following reference table, the intensity displays on Vacuum gauge and check with the client for comfort.
11. Hadmajor surgery within the past year.
12. Asthma
13. Cold, Flu, or Upset Stomach
14. Any serious illness or disease not listed above.
Do not use on these areas:
1. Sensitive Skin
2. Skin Rash
3. Damaged, Inflamed, or Infected Skin.
4. Surgical scar less than 12 months old.
5. Skin Swollen.
6. The probes can not point to Eye ball.
7. Genitals.
1. Always begin treatment conservatively and observe the effects by the touch and appearance ofthe skin.A vacuum power that is too high or too big may cause an inflammatory response.
2. Edema and erythema can occur following treatment, but will resolve in few hours.
3. Overly aggressive techniques can cause mild flakingover the next 3-4 days. Epidermis that is treated too aggressively can lead to bleeding in the superficial dermis.
4. Diamond Dermabrasion should not be used on sensitive areas such as eyelids. The eyelids should be closed at all times during the procedure and may be covered with dampcotton pads.
5. The following areas are considered inappropriate for treatment: Skin tumor, moles, birthmark, angioma, lips, eyes, herpes, skin cancer, and liver spots.
*Please follow direction of arrows.
9. After treatment, brush off all remaining dead skin with a soft brush and rinse with damp sponges or damp cool towel.
10. Allow skin to dry then applydesired skin product.
11. To clean theDiamond Head, use toothbrush or cotton swab damped with a little alcohol to wipe off the dirty impurity, and then use UV light or high temperature for sterilization.
Safety Warning Important Notice of Caution before using this machine: Never operate this equipment on a person has or suffers from the following medical conditions described below. (The salon or operator may consider having a client sign a waiver to the effect that he/she is free of any poor health conditions.)
1. Heart Disease
2. Heart Murmur or Irregular Heart Rate
3. Has a Pacemaker or other type ofheart rate balancer.
4. Pregnancy
5. Epilepsy
6. Alcoholism
7. Ulcers
8. Disease of Stomach, Intestine, Liver, or Pancreas.
9. Breast Cancer.
10. Undergoing treatment for any form of Cancer.
Recommended Vacuum intensity ontreatment area
Treatment Area Normal Skin
Sensitive Skin
Face 12-22 8-12
Forehead 12-22 10-12
Chest 15-20 15-18
Nose 10-15 10-14
Neck 18-18 10-15
Near Eye Area 8-12 8-10
Treatment Schedule Table
Treatment Frequency (days) TotalVisits
Face Peeling 6-10 3-5
FineLines 7-13 6-8
Neck 12-14 3-5
Acne Scars 7-12 8-10
Hyperpigmentation 7-12 8-10
6 Use the incline area of Hand piece to contact with the skin surface. Proceed with a slow sliding motion. Do not place the hand piece at one spot for too long, doing so will causeharm to the skin.
7. Adjust the crystal flow rate by theVacuum Regulatorslowly from minimum to maximum. For commonly use, do not set the flow rateto maximumunless it is of necessity. This is for better comfort intensity.
8. Gently stretch the skin with thumb and finger and glide the Hand-piece 2 to 3 times over the area being treated. Then cross again indifferent directions to prevent streaking lines as in the reference picture. Brush strokes or polishing motions may be used in different sites. 

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