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Basic first aid refers to the initial process of assessing and addressing the needs of someone who has been injured or is in physiological distress due to choking, a heart attack, allergic reactions, drugs or other medical emergencies. Basic first aid allows you to quickly determine a person's physical condition and the correct course of treatment. You should always seek professional medical help as soon as you are able, but following correct first aid procedures can be the difference between life and death. Follow our entire tutorial, or find specific advice by checking out the sections listed above.

How to save themselves when landslides and floods

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Where possible,the necessary living goods should be prepared in advance to avoid disaster.The essentials of self-help and mutual aid:
1.temporary shelters should be established in advance in shelters.

2.prior to the transfer of part of the daily necessities to avoid disaster site.

3.according to the actual situation,appropriate means of transportation,communication equipment,drugs and umbrella etc. prepare adequate food and drinking water.

How these are not available,when the sudden decline in the landslide.We must find the entity cover angle.To prevent injury.At the same time to prevent suffocation.

Flood rescue:
1.By the threat of flooding,if sufficient time should be according to a predetermined route,to move on to the hillside,and highland; in surprise has been surrounded by flood,as much as possible use of ships,raft,door,wooden bed,and do water transfer.

2.floods come too fast,has been to transfer,to immediately climb the roof,the building of tall buildings,trees,walls,to do a temporary safe haven,waiting for rescue.Do not swim a single transfer. the mountains,if heavy rains,flash floods easily.Encounter this kind of situation,should pay attention to avoid crossing the river,to prevent by flash floods washed away,but also pay attention to the prevention of landslides,rockfall,debris flow damage.

4.found dumped pylon,falls or broken wires; to stay away from the hedge,can not touch or close,to prevent electric shock.

5.after the flood,to take the prevention of epidemic diseases,health and epidemic prevention work,to avoid the occurrence of infectious diseases.

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