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Basic first aid refers to the initial process of assessing and addressing the needs of someone who has been injured or is in physiological distress due to choking, a heart attack, allergic reactions, drugs or other medical emergencies. Basic first aid allows you to quickly determine a person's physical condition and the correct course of treatment. You should always seek professional medical help as soon as you are able, but following correct first aid procedures can be the difference between life and death. Follow our entire tutorial, or find specific advice by checking out the sections listed above.

How to save yourself when occuring the Tsunamis and mudslides

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1. When the vessels meet the Tsunamis at sea, it should sail to the deep-sea areas which is safer instead of back to the coast or port.
2. It is dangerous if the vessel meet the dropping in the harbor and turbulence, the owner should sail to the broaden sea. Every vessel parking on the harbor should be evacuated if no time for sailing to sea.
3. when the tsunami landed seawater significantly increasing or decreasing and the water retreat with a exceptionally fast speed, you should evacuate immediately to inland or higher ground.

What is Tsunamis and mudslides

Self-help when landslides
1. run Immediately opposite of the vertical sides of mudslides to the hillside above.
2. run faster, climb higher the better.
3. run immediately higher place on both sides of the river.
4. run to either side of the mountain slopes with a vertical direction of the debris flows.
5. clinging to trees if no chance to run on the bank. Never: do not escape mudslides towardsthe downstream direction.
6. run along the direction of the mudslides.

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