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Autoclave Instructions

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1. Take out the inside sterilized bucket first; Add right amount water in outer pot, aim to make water surface and triangle shelf in a same level.

2. Put back the sterilized bucket, and put in next sterilized item. Pay attention do not put them too crowded, for fear that hinder flow of steam and effect of Sterilization. Erlenmeyer flasks and test tubes are not in contact with cylinder wall, avoid condensed water wet the papers and penetration of tampons.

3. Add a cover, and insert exhaust pipe into exhaust groove of sterilized bucket. Then tighten the opposing two bolts, and make bolt tightness consistent, avoid gas leakage.

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4.Heating eith EAF or gas, and open exhaust valve at the same time, make water boiling and to aviod cold air in boiler. After expel cold air, close exhaust valve, and to make boiler temperature rised with steam pressure increase. When boiler pressure is raised to the desired pressure,you can control heat source, and maintain the pressure to required time. This test in sterilization of 1.05kg/cm2,121.3℃,20 min.

5. Up to equired sterilization time, just cut off the power supply or turn off the gas, to make autoclave temperature reduced naturally. When pressure gauge drops to zero, open the exhaust valve, Loosen bolt, open the lid, remove the sterilized items. If the pressure is not reduced to zero, open the exhaust valve,a sudden drop in pressure will cause in pot, which can reduce containers within the medium out of the flask mouth or a test tube due to the imbalance between internal and external pressure, and make a pollution of tampons contaminated culture medium.

6. Put the sterilization medium into 37℃ incubator, after 24 hours, after checking there is no bacteria growth, ready to use.

Pay attention to following parts
1.Enough water in the pot.

2. Tightness of the pot must be good.

3.Only when suitable temperature the pot can be opened after use.

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