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Common Faults of processing electrolyte analyzer

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Since the 1980s with the popularization and development of sensor technology and computer technology, the Ion electrode method also developed. It is a fast, accurate, convenient and practical clinical testing equipment.
1. How to solve the failured detector, there are four kinds of failure reason:
(1) detecting the plug and seat loose motherboard;
(2) The detector itself is broken;
(3) fixing screws on the motor spool rotation axis is not securely in place;
(4) The valve can not be rotated tightly. Check sequence in the order of (3) - (1) - (4) - (2).

2. sipper poor causes and treatment methods:
The main reasons for poor sipper There are four kinds,checking the idea along "from simple to complex,"
(1) Check each line interface (including the connecting tube between the electrodes between the electrode and the valve, between the electrodes and the pump tube) with tube without leakage, this phenomenon means it does not suck;
(2) Check whether the pump tube adhesions or too tight, you should replace the pump tubing. The performance of the pump tube phenomenon unusual sounds;
(3) The pipeline particular the joints have protein precipitation, this phenomenon is the flow rate performance unstable positioning process, even for a new pump tube is the same solution to remove the water and clean the connectors.
(4) The valve itself is a problem, to be carefully checked.

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3. Electrode drift out of control Cause and Treatment
(1) The most common cause of drift is the ground electrode is not connected, you should check the ground; check whether the drift of the electrode rod is not inserted into the signal silver socket or bad; voltage instability, the best pick uninterruptible power supply or UPS better quality of power supply (poor quality power supply can cause electrode drift);
(2) to avoid electromagnetic interference, large power equipment should be kept away from the instrument, independent set power;
(3) Check the standard solution and the cleaning solution has run out; check the flow cell reference if inside filling too, should be filled;
(4) Na, apply the cleaning solution when cleaning the glass electrode pH electrode drift. And then repeatedly rinse with distilled water;
(5) If the electrode drift all, you should check whether the expiration of the reference electrode;
(6) is positioned well, resulting in a solution is not fully immersed electrodes should be re-positioning operation;
(7) the reference electrode above the bubble, should tap the flow cell, the bubbles move to the top of Na electrode;
Pollution check A, B standard solution and cleaning solution bottle.
(8) reagent expires or, if there is flocculent precipitate.

4. lower electrode slope, how to deal with it:
Electrode slope is low, the test will result in poor linearity, repeatability and sometimes also affect the electrode, its main reasons:
(1) Excessive protein adsorption electrode film board;
(2) The air humidity is too large;
(3) temperature is too low;
(4) life is approaching.

The fourth case the user needs to replace the electrode, the first one kind of protein solution can be spent processing, Na and pH electrode has a special cleaning fluid, the electrode can be used by the rest of a protease dissolved in hydrochloric acid 30m10.1M dubbed protein cleaning fluid, service program with the first cleaning function to repeated washing, remove protein and then washed several times with PVC cleaning solution, calibration sample measured after stabilization. 2 and 3 kinds of situation mainly affects Na and pH electrode, air humidity, too, should use dehumidifiers were dehumidifiers; temperature is too low, the temperature in the room. The absence of these two conditions, with a hair dryer to Na electrode, pH electrode, the signal plate is heated and to tide before measurement.

5. Test Blood outliers causes and solutions emerge
When testing a blood sample, if there is an abnormal value, check the following steps:
(1) whether there is electrical power near the start or leakage (such as centrifuges, refrigerators), causing voltage fluctuations;
(2) a suction coagulation test;
(3) was not in place, you can view the positioning is good, if the solution is in place is not good, available services program repositioning program to relocate;
(4) Check whether a container containing blood contamination, whether a residual disinfectant and other substances;
(4) See correction factor is correct and, if abnormal, the correction factor can be cleared;
(5) Whether a long period without calibration, can be re-calibrated before measuring.

If there are any problems, you can contact Medsinglong Global Group Co., Ltd. Medical professional technician. We mainly manufacture electrolyte analyzer.

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