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The main features and operating method of electrolyte analyzer

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The main Features of electrolyte analyzer.
1.It can get rid of the protein automatically at fixed time; remove the absorbed protein to keep the pipe without blocking; The electrode performance is more stable and the test is more accurate.
2.Side drive automatic reset inlet system: easy to operate,no pollution,more environmentally friendly.
3.The instrument has liquid detection program that can recognize and prompt the errors in the process of sample injection automatically and ensure the accuracy of the injection and measurement.
4.The electrode is made of imported film and it has stable performance and long service life.
5.Automatic potential tracking technology,automatic two-point calibration and dual parameter calibration (the slope and intercept ) to ensure accurate test results.
6.Photoelectric registration and liquid distributing valve with high integration,which simplify the flow path and is convenient for the maintenance.
7.It adopts imported pressure sensor test TCO2 and its sensor performance is stable and reliable,and it has obtained the national patent protection.
8.Intelligent maintenance-free design: calibration,sampling,measurement,washing,displaying and printing reports,and Troubleshooting,The whole process is automatic without the need for manual cleaning and maintenance.
9.It can control the quality of data processing automatically and count and print the mean ( SD and CV values) automatically.
10.Automatic sampler is an optional accessory.When there are so many samples to batch processing every day,it can improve efficiency.
11.It can transfer of data in batches through a standard RS-232C port or USB2.0 standard port and its test results will be shared in the laboratory,and configure the database management software,which is easy to search and for real-time sharing. Troubleshooting.

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Operating method of electrolyte analyzer
1.It boots into the system with self-check,testing the function of major parts is normal or not,such as: motherboard,printer,liquid road testing (done by liquid detector),distributing valve and valve detector,etc.,And it can be recognized the fault intelligently with automatic hints.
2.In the process of activation electrode,It has functions of electrode activation time and grasp the activation time accurately so as to improve the service life of the electrode and ensure the stability of the electrode.It is 30 minutes of the countdown and you can press the NO exit the activated electrode program directly.
3.Enter the main menu.First of all ,calibrate the system,and can choose the the basis points and the slope automatically to calibrate (Exiting to have no calibration also can be done for convenient maintenance,but serum specimens can not be measured directly).
4.Quality analysis :After more than five times quality control testing,it can generate and print quality report automatically,and counted the mean of quality control,standard deviation and coefficient of variation.
5.Intelligent liquid testing procedures: ensure sampling and accurate measurement ; prompts automatically in the measurement process for your convenient guide ; 24 hours standby; maintain automatically in standby mode; automatic pros and cons flushing function; brief fluid road,unique and reverse flushing,automatic calibration and flush piping system to avoid cross contamination and pipe blockage.
6.Automatic sampling system of the number of the 30 with M hole location of quality control and the number the waste liquid with M hole location.It can inspect 30 specimens once.
7.Automatic printing and manual printing are optional for saving paper.Report: regarding the patient information report,it can set the scope of normal value of human body and print it.
8.Adopted the US wellhead pressure type power pump pipe to extend the service life of pump pipe.
9.Testing samples: the whole blood,serum,plasma,urine,body fluids,cerebrospinal fluid,urine,animal serum,etc.
10.Measurement: The direct method of ion selective electrode (ISE).
11.Detection projects: K +,Na +,Cl -,Ca++,PH,CO2.

The above is the introduction of electrolyte analyzer.Hope It is helpful to you.The electrolyte analyzer is one of the main products of our factory,now.if you are interested in our items, welcome to come to discuss the cooperation.Look forward to the cooperation with you.

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