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Ultrasound Knife-New Plastic Surgery Technology

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Development and innovation in Plastic Surgery technique to more patients bring the Gospel. Common grinding, cutting and plastic project in Plastic surgery, so, nowadays we please the related experts, enable experts for you to bring in a new Plastic Surgery Technology-ultrasound knife. It' s known to most that Ultrasound knife is the medical use of security, high precision, which can choose the frequency of ultrasonic, in consideration of the various parts of the organization. Physicians and patients to bring the good news.

The idea of plastic surgery was eventually accepted by the people, and on top of that the relevant technology of the plastic in fast improvement and enhancement, listed here is our relevant specialists for you to bring in new technology--the Plastic surgery ultrasound scalpel important information.

One: Micron grade cutting
Allow surgery can accomplish best range of the accuracy and security, and at exactly the same time with minimum organization trauma ( live bone cells ). In the control of the ultrasonic frequency, the vibration of every second plug in 60 to 200 microns in the width, therefore it has been cut to keep bone is a cleanse, and stay away from the temp.

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Two: Selective cutting
Merely for the organization of the mineralization of efficient cuts will separate osteotomy close by soft tissue ( nerve, blood vessels and mucous membrane, etc. ) damage danger minimization. Ultrasound treatment is just for the cut of the frequency of mineralization group, Plastic surgery cutting soft tissue require other ultrasonic frequency.

Three: The safety of the cutting
Minimize the width of the vibration of the micron grade exceedingly complicated surgery permitted process, decrease the cut bone to mobile phone required when the pressure level of the hand, very easily control the real cutting activity. The ball swing drill sawing bone: which is founded on a huge mobile make mechanical action, hence a great vibration took place. As opposed to intraoperative sensitivity greatly decreased. Swing by the mobile phone saw under high pressure and a great vibration result to cutting action of out of control. For instance, cutting cortical bone should apply hand pressures bring on the loss of surgical control, Plastic surgery while drilling or saw all of a sudden into cancellous bone. In near nerve, blood vessels or other breakable anatomical system was very dangerous.

Now I am glad to share with you the Portable Ultrasound Machine MSLHF01

South Korea’s HIFU ( High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound ) is a non-invasive ultrasound directly on the SMAS layer.


1. Clean the skin.
2. Plug the power supply of the apparatus, turn on the power switch, namely long press the TIMER key panel, at this moment all the indicator lights on the operation panel are lightened.
3. Adjust the operating time, and set the operating time according to one’s own require-ment and the operation region. Operating time includes 3 gears, and they are 45 minutes,30 minutes and 15 minutes from high gear to low gear. The gear can be adjusted by pressing the TIMER key. For instance, to operate single region (eye stripes, edict wrinkle) for 15 minutes, half of the face for 30 minutes, the whole face for 45 minutes.
4. Turn on the RF energy switch, namely press the R.F S/P key, the panel keys from left to right in sequence are key R.F, to turn down the energy; key R.F, to turn up the energy. Remember to adjust the energy according to the unit one can bear.
5. Turn on the LED light on the panel, namely press the LED key.
6. Turn on the energy switch of the ultrasound, namely press the HIFU S/ P key on the far right of the panel, the key from the right for the second is the HIFU ultrasound to adjust the energy. Remember to adjust the energy according to the unit one can bear.

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