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The matters needing attention when using high pressure sterilization pot

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1.The pot kettle water line inspection,we want to make the line between the highest and the lowest line of the lower side of the intermediate position is appropriate to avoid overheating of water and steam overflow danger during High pressure sterilization.

2.Before open the sterilized each time to ensure that the temperature below 80 ℃ and pressure of Zero.

cheap pressure sterilization

3.Sterilized water must use RO water / single distilled water to avoid sterilization pot plot scale.

4.When take out the basket to make sure clean to prevent contamination.

5.If a problem occurs during the sterilization process,press the STOP button,go to the refrigeration system,abort the operation.

6.After sterilization to check the power is disconnected,tidy before leaving.

7.If you don't use it for a month,then be sure to drain the pot of water,cleaning autoclaves.

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