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Ultrasonic biometer for ophthalmology MSL1000AP
Product Name:  Ultrasonic biometer for ophthalmology MSL1000AP
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Model No.:  MSL1000AP
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TThe MSL1000A/P is intended for axial biometric parameter measurement and corneal thickness measurement in clinical ophthalmology.

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Ultrasonic biometer for ophthalmology MSL1000AP

biometric measurements


Ultrasonic biometer MSL1000AP Description
The MSL1000A/P Ultrasonic Biometer for Ophthalmology is an ultrasonic measuring instrument based on pulse reflection. It comprises two units: A Mode Eye Axis Biometric Parameter Measuring Unit (A Biometer) and Corneal Thickness Measuring Unit (Pachymeter).

The A Biometer:

The A Biometer consists of a 10MHz A-Scan probe (probe model: Prb1000A/10-C) and an axis biometric parameter measuring unit. The axis is usually divided into three segments: anterior chamber, lens and vitreous body. Since the tissue within the eye varies in different areas, the acoustic velocity through these areas is also different. The summation of these three segments (ACD + LENS + VITR) provides the axial length (AL). Based on the interface reflections of these three different tissues, the ultrasonic A-biometry measures the transmitting time of ultrasound through each tissue and calculates the length of each segment to finally get the axial length.

The Pachymeter:

The Pachymeter consists of a 15-20MHz pachymetric probe (probe model: Prb1000P) and the measuring unit. It is on the basis of the measurement of time interval between the anterior and posterior interface reflection waves to get the corneal thickness (CT).

The MSL1000A/P has a built-in Thermal Printer, used to print out patient information, A-Scan measuring waveform, IOL calculating parameter and result, as well as corneal thickness measuring result and corneal thickness distribution map.

The built-in memory of the MSL1000A/P can store up to 180 patients' records.

The MSL1000A/P is intended for axial biometric parameter measurement and corneal thickness measurement in clinical ophthalmology.

ocular biometry


Ultrasonic biometer MSL1000AP A Biometer specification:

Ultrasonic frequency: 10MHz;

Display resolution: 0.01mm;

Total gain of receiver: ≥100dB;

Adjustable gain scope: 0~50dB;

Measuring scope (AL): 15 mm~40mm;

Measuring accuracy: ≤±0.05mm;

Measuring Parameter: ACD, LENS, VITR and AL;

Measuring mode: automatic mode or manual mode can be selectable. Automatic mode for Normal, Cataract and Aphakic mode;

Measuring method: contact and immersion, can be selectable;

IOL calculation: SRK/T, SRK-II, BINK-II, HOLLADAY, HOFFER-Q, HAIGIS, and IOL calculation formula after corneal refractive surgery: HISTORY DERIVED, DOUBLE-K/SRK-T, REFRACTION DERIVED, ROSA and SHAMMAS. 

Ultrasonic biometer MSL1000AP Pachymeter specification:

Ultrasonic frequency: 15-20MHz;

Display resolution: 1µm;

Measuring scope: 0.23mm~1.2mm;

Measuring accuracy: ≤±5µm

ultrasound biometry

Ultrasonic biometer MSL1000AP working condition:

Environmental Temperature: 5℃-40℃

Relative Humidity: ≤80%

Atmospheric Pressure: 70kPa-106kPa

The Separate Power Supply: Input: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz,

Output: DC12V, 4A

Rate Power: 50 VA

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