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Color ultrasound have Color/Anamotic M-mode, CW mode, support phased array probe。High resolution,suitable for diagnosis of abdomen, heart, peripheral vessel, breast, etc.
Color/Anamotic M-mode, CW mode, support phased array probe。High resolution,suitable for diagnosis of abdomen, heart, peripheral vessel, breast, etc.Color Doppler is a method of visually detecting motion or blood flow using a color map that is incorporated into a standard B-mode image. The principles of color Doppler are similar to those of pulsed-wave Doppler. However, a larger region can be interrogated, and detected blood flow is assigned a color, typically blue or red, depending on whether the flow is moving toward or away from the transducer. Frequency shifts are estimated at each point at which motion is detected within an interrogated region, thus yielding information on direction of motion and velocity. Shades of blue or red are used to reflect the relative velocities of the blood flow. All stationary objects are represented on a gray scale, as in B-mode imaging. The benefit of color Doppler is that information on the direction and relative velocity of blood flow can be obtained. Color Doppler is limited by its dependence on the relative angle of the transducer to the blood flow.


EDAN Acclarix LX8 Doppler Ultrasound scan Exam Of Arm Or Leg
Product Name:  Doppler ultrasound pregnancy EDAN Acclarix LX8 - Medsinglong
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Model No.:  Edan-LX8
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
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3D/4D imaging on the LX8 system includes a complete suite of rendering and editing tools ensuring maximum results
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Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


When it comes to power, performance, innovation and flexibility there is one ultrasound system that delivers more. Designed specifically to address the challenges of busy ultrasound environments the EDAN Acclarix LX8 ultrasound system features a host of design breakthroughs that make day-to-day operation easy, fast and intuitive.
EDAN Acclarix LX8 doppler ultrasound pregnancy
Features and Benefits
The 128-channel hardware architecture on transmit and receive offers exceptional processing power resulting in outstanding image quality. Available on the system are many technologies including: 
*TAI- Tissue Adaptive Imaging- Edan’s proprietary imaging technology
*eSRI- Speckle Reduction Imaging
*3D/4D capability with eFace feature to automate volume editing
*Panoramic Imaging
*One touch image optimization 
*TDI Tissue Doppler Imaging
*Automated measurement tools including Auto IMT and Auto OB
*Comprehensive set of DICOM functions
*Needle VisualizationTechnology
EDAN Acclarix LX8 doppler ultrasound
System Design
UDesigned with a relentless focus on delivering unexpected levels of innovation the LX8 features design enhancements that make operation comfortable, easy and intuitive.
*Wide-screen 21” high definition, LCD monitor is anti-glare and tilts and swivels for optimal viewing.
*The 10” gesture-controlled touch screen is customizable to personalize workflow and simplify operation.
*Motorized height adjustment of the control panel enables travel of up to 20 cm for comfortable use sitting or
*Four illuminated transducer ports support 4 active transducer transducers, which can be changed with just a key
  touch. When a transducer change is required illumination enhances visibility.
*The down lit retractable keyboard’s task lighting aids in clear annotation and can then be stowed when not in use.
EDAN Acclarix LX8 color doppler ultrasound
TAI is a unique and proprietary technology pioneered by Edan. TAI continuously and dynamically interacts with the returning echoes and adapts the image based on the characteristics of the tissues being imaged. Without any user interaction the system
is adjusting multiple parameters. TAI is available in B-mode, color and spectral Doppler. Some of the benefits of TAI are:
- Enhanced image contrast, improved definition of anatomic boundaries and tissue architecture and educed clutter noise
- Improved color sensitivity and better flow aesthetics
- Improved spectral fill-in and border detection
eSRI uses real-time image processing to improve visualization of anatomy and pathology by reducing the speckle noise. Edan's speckle reduction imaging technology uses an advanced multi-scale anisotropic filtering algorithm. This filtering technology separates regions of noise from diagnostic information by acting differently on noise versus true anatomic information enhancing image clarity.
Spatial Compounding Imaging
Spatial Compounding combines multiple images acquired at different angles to form a single image with improved quality. This results in images with reduced speckle noise and enhanced contrast.
EDAN Acclarix LX8 doppler test for legs
Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Screening , Pediatric, Abdomen, Neonatal Head
Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Screening , Abdomen
Neonatal Head, Neonatal Abdomen,  Pediatric, Abdomen,Vascular, MSK
Neonatal Head, Neonatal Abdomen, Pediatric, Abdomen, Vascular, MSK
Small parts, MSK, Vascular
Abdomen ,OB, Gynecology , MSK, Urology
OB , Abdomen, Gynecology
OB , Gynecology , Urology
MSK , Vascular , Intraoperative
Small parts, MSK, Vascular
Small parts, MSK Vascular

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