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X-ray angiography directly to good effect in breast cancer screening

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X-ray contrast media is directly the best way to check for breast cancer,has become popular for use in home and abroad.
Breast (x-ray machine)X-ray angiography is the best means of breast cancer screening and early diagnosis.Canadian researchers report that on the 14th,there are two digital breast X-ray angiography for use in direct digital radiography (DR) screening is better than a computer X -ray contrast (CR).
Angiography difference between the two is that similar to a digital camera directly to angiography,the radiologist can instantly via computer image analysis;while the computer angiography breast image information is recorded in a contrast panel,read by the reading device,the computer processing an image is formed.
mobile x-ray machine
Ontario,Canada"Cancer Care Ontario"project researchers in the American Journal of the 14th issue of"Radiology"the report said,breast cancer screening in Ontario in addition to two digital (portable x-ray machine)X-ray angiography,as well as the use of traditional film X line angiography.810,000 times their breast cancer screening from 2008 to 2009 in the province of more than 680,000 women were surveyed.It was found that direct digital radiography and conventional film angiography screening effect is quite,but the detection rate of breast cancer is relatively low computer angiography.
Typically,every 1000 women receiving breast (mobile x-ray machine)X-ray angiography screening will find less than five cases of breast cancer.Study reported that the use of computers angiography,per 10,000 women screened will be less about 10 cases of breast cancer screening.

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