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Domestic independent property of ultrasonic break the treatment barrier of Prostate disease

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The prostate is a vital organs of male urogenital system,which is at the base of the pelvic and urethral snappy.Connected with the ejaculatory duct.Prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia are the killers of male's health.While the prostatitis appears in the young male and benign prostatic hyperplasia appears in the older male.The older male age over 60 has benign prostatic hyperplasia in different degree.For a long time,the cover outside the prostate is like a tough barrier,which makes the curing medicine can't penetrate the cover,so the effect is not that obvious.While with the development of medical technology,ultrasonic(cheap ultrasound machine) technology break the barrier finally,and it really made a great change to the prostate disease.
desktop human ultrasound body scanner
Ultrasonic medicine(wrist ultrasound) is an emerging discipline,the international prostate research institution,formed by American NTH and Harvard University,first tried to apply the ultrasonic medicine into the disease treatment and invented the household therapeutic apparatus of American INNOVAX series.After that,the machine is popular in the European and American market.In China,20 professors from Gen high-tech biomedical engineering Co.,Ltd.,Beijing Zhongchuang high-tech biomedical engineering research institute and Chinese biomedical engineering in clinical medical school,adopt American INNO - VAX prostate digital integrated chips and ultrasonic nanotechnology and spent 10 years to invent one machine with independent intellectual property right,which has brought good news to innumerable prostate patients.
Firstly,the technology has the penetration of ultrasound in the 100-120 mm penetration depth noninvasive prostate,large energy Zero Watch lesions,solve the drug is difficult to penetrate the prostate capsule this problem,under ultrasound guidance(veterinary ultrasound) in drugs smoothly into the gland,Meanwhile,a dedicated sound guide treatment cream contains high-tech nano-silver,with superior permeability,can kill a variety of specific bacteria,germs and stubborn germs potent.Ultrasonic double effect of the drug plus thoroughly to kill bacteria,eliminate inflammation,the therapeutic effect can be strengthened.In addition,ultrasound also has a massage function,tissue per 1.7 million times finer vibration,metabolic diseases gland unblocked quickly,while high-speed vibration can also produce five times the surface temperature of the heat,the killing glands germs while making duct soften flow,improve blood supply.
According to the report,the high-tech products have entered into the Chengdu market.

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