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Concern the oral health,which is the best way to cure the missing teeth.

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As we all know,with the development of the medical technology,the oral diseases,like anisodont,agomphiasis,yellow and black teeth,which are often seen in our common life,is not going to be a big problem.Especially the emergence of dental equipment china dental implant technology,which brings the dental implant tide and make more people regain the oral health and confident smile.
First choice for the edentulous person-----dental implant
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The common repair methods for the missing teeth including: removable denture repair,fixed denture repair (ceramic teeth),implant denture(dental implant)
When the teeth missed,most of people will choose the removable denture,while the removable denture need to be cleaned everyday dental x ray unit,and the chewing ability is poor,the lifespan is short,and also the removable denture will bring some oral disease.The ceramic teeth needs the point of strength from the neighboring teeth,which will damage the neighboring teeth.It will be needed build three dental crown for one missing teeth and also the lifespan is short.
Implant tooth is a kind of tooth repair technology rising in the recent years.Planting the Artificial tooth root into the alveolar bone,which will be fused together by this way.The shape is realistic,artistic,comfortable,and the chewing ability is good as the real one.Morever,it won't damage the neighboring teeth and widely accepted by lots of people.So,the implant tooth is also called as the third pair teeth of human.
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Prussia immediate dental implant make the mutilated teeth grow back.
Prussia immediate dental implant is one of the most advanced planting technology in the world,with the characters of precision,stoutness,strong durability,good biocompatibility and short cultivation period.Now it has been brought into China,Prussia immediate dental implant break the traditional long cultivation period of 30 days,only 7-15 days,the cultivation can be finished,for the signal tooth,only 1 hour.
Prussia immediate dental implant is applied for signal tooth,several teeth and full teeth,without damaging the neighboring teeth,recover the normal chewing function farthest,the bite force is almost 98.8% of the real tooth.The biological intermiscibility is excellent and the aesthetic effect is great.Nature,comfort,close to the real tooth maximum,no any foreign body sensation,no any effect to the taster.Applying the 3D tooth carving dental unit technology,single crown repair can be finished in one hour,which is high speed and high efficiency.Safe and durable,the first prussian dental implants in the world has been used for almost 40 years.
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