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Ophthalmic Devices Market to open the door

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Myopia is one of the higher incidence of eye disease at present.Whether in developed or the developing countries have a surprising number of"glasses family."Especially in Japan and South Korea of the students in higher myopia,many high school students said that more than 50% of myopia.In the past,the medical profession is only one way to treat myopia"Laser (cornea) Dermabrasion(Portable fluoroscopy x-ray machine)",more common practice is to allow the patient to wear glasses in order to correct myopia diopter.American avedro medical device company researchers developed a revolutionary new treatment of early myopia ophthalmic equipment products-kxl0system.According to the developer of introduction,the working principle of this new product they invented ophthalmic instruments are: the use of heat to"iron out"bumps cornea to restore the equatorial state,which play a role in the correction of myopia.In the course of this instrument is very safe for the eyes,unlike laser keratomileusis as a certain risk of surgery.It is understood,avedro company developed this new treatment for myopia is listed first in Europe in November 2010,the market response is good,the product has to carry out clinical trials in the United States hospital.Once the United States fda approved for listing of the new product is expected in the future in the world with annual sales will reach $ 43 million.As the global youth high myopia,if avedro correct myopia developed new ophthalmic products to various countries to promote the use of equipment in the world,only that the product will create hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales.
Ophthalmic Devices
Stanford University researchers are developing a"wavefront measurement instrument"new product called-lasik,combine it with existing laser corneal grinding equipment,can greatly improve the projection of the cornea with a laser precision grinding,thereby improving the success rate of surgery to correct myopia.According to Stanford University researchers,the use of the existing laser lasik (cornea) grinding is used in conjunction with surgery to correct myopia can improve the success rate to 99.9 %.This is a very great achievement.
High myopia (which diopter over 1000 degrees)auto blood analyzer generally can not do surgery to correct myopia,only with glasses,and a high degree of myopia to wear glasses and can not even reach a very clear visual effect.Last year a to develop a new type of implantable"IOL"products,replace the lens with a serious disease which,can greatly improve the symptoms of high myopia.The product is currently awaiting approval fda,once listed by the review will enable high myopia vision get greatly improved.
Laser removal cloudy lens material (in the eyes clouding substance) is still currently the world 's primary means of ophthalmologists treating cataract.However,due to the removal of lens opacity is not clean,and therefore affect the outcome.Last year the developed a product called"femtosecond"laser scalpel new auxiliary equipment products that can replace existing surgical laser knife,and more precisely on the cloudy lens tissue removal surgery,which greatly improved the success rate of surgery that cataract patients effectively restore normal vision.This is also a very good news,because the world's population aged 65 or older,about 40 % of people with varying degrees of cataracts,and the pharmaceutical industry has not yet been developed to effectively cure cataract drugs.This"femtosecond"laser assisted cataract treatment device once approved the listing will bring the true gospel of countless patients due to severe cataracts and lose sight of the rest of the world.
icl (implantable contact artificial cornea) is also being developed in the United States of a new ophthalmic equipment products.According to reports,icl correctable including astigmatism and high myopia and other eye diseases,including a variety of tricky.Once this new ophthalmic instruments admitted to listing,the same can bring the Gospel to many patients with high myopia and myopic.
In summary,ophthalmology equipment is covered by a wide variety of surgical instruments or treatment equipment products ophthalmic diseases,and myopia,cataract is the world's largest number of cases in two eye.According to Western market analysts predict that the total sales of the world's ophthalmic devices market categories in 2012 has more than 20 billion U.S.dollars,and is steadily growing.Once the new ophthalmic device(cheap medical equipment) described above can continue through the approval of listed products,is expected to create more than $ 1 billion in consolidated sales.All in all,the development of new ophthalmic equipment products space is very broad.
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