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Approaches to prevent electrical leakage occurrence of body frozen ark

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Electrical leakage of body frozen ark is caused by a long term use so that it makes the components be aging and break-down.On the other hand,when carrying the body frozen ark,people probably make the components and parts touch each other,or make the wire dress break-down,this is also a cause of electrical leakage.

1.temperature controller leakage
Phenomena for temperature controller leakage: When touching the body frozen ark,people can feel the electric shock,the compressor and function of cooling are working as normal,because most of the DG-F temperature controllers are installed on the inner wall,so,inside temperature change will form some water around the temperature controller,ad the formed water flow into the controller,the resistance value between electric contacts and the body frozen ark body will be lower and this would make the body frozen ark with electricity.What we can do is to time the ice to be liquid,clean the formed water frequently just in case that it would flow back into the temperature controller,please clean the dirt around the temperature controller bakelite shelf,because the dirt can be conductive once it absorbs water.

2.Damp proof wire leakage
Damp proof wire leakage's phenomena are: After plugging in,overload protective relay will be frequently on and off,compressor can not be launched,the body frozen ark body will be electrified,people can feel the electric shock.Generally it is common to see this situation when the body frozen ark has been used for a long time.On this occasion,we can cover the wire with a insulation bush,or replace it with a rubber insulation wire.

What is body frozen ark

3.Compressor leakage
Compressor leakage occurs due to a long term use of the roundabout LFG-D,it makes the machine winding insulating layer aging and falling off.Please check if the winding lead wire is damaged,once damaged,the steel wire will be exposed and touch the ark body,then electric leakage occurs.In this case,what you need to do is to use a piece of mylar to round the damaged part in case the steel wire to be exposed.If the enamelled wire insulating layer fell off,please take it down and redip paint or replace the motor.

4.Induction leakage
If the cooling function and control units are working as usual after launching the cabinet freezer,but with a feeling of electric shock when touch the ark signifies induction leakage occurs to the body frozen ark,because compressor wires' control wires and illuminating lines are both across the shell and inner wall.Body frozen ark is with no ground lead,in this situation,if the insulating wires are aging,you must feel the electric shock when touch the ark body.on this occasion,if the neon bulb brighten up when testing by a test pencil,it signifies that induction leakage occurs to the ark. Having seen the above four phenomena for body frozen ark electric leakage,I believe you will not be in a muddle when electric leakage occurs.If you got any problem about it,please contact our technical experts.Email:

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