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How to Overcome Stress- Live with Smile

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How to Overcome Stress- Live with Smile

No matter you are rich or poor, famous or normal, you may have stress. Stress from work, family, public etc. Therefore, it is important for us to know the ways to deal with stress.

Do you know how dangerous if we are having too much stress but do not know how to deal with it? Many doctors say that gastric ulcer, heart disease, headache, insomnia and some paralysis that can take your life are just the result of our over-worrying.

Therefore, we should not be discouraged, but we do not have something that would rather make things we already have. This principle makes my life easier, because whenever I worry about something, I start thinking, and some people die because of hunger, some have no place to live, some are being Cruel beat. But I have all these things, sitting in a comfortable bed, having healthy food in a safe house. How lucky I am!

This was learned when Robert Moore was trapped in the water 276 feet above sea level, a period of war where the Japanese were attacking them and noticing his death was real. Then he realized how unhappy he used to be when he was working in the bank to deal with the minor problems:  long working hours, low wages, rental housing. All these questions are the biggest problems for him, but now when he is about to die, he knows all these fears are unreasonable and assures himself that if he sees the sun again, he will not worry about such minor problems. Fortunately, he has the opportunity to get out of this situation. After that, he never violated his promise and lives happily.


In one study, we found that about 85% of the concerns did not occur and 79% of the remaining 15% did not need to worry.

This means that almost 97% of the anxiety is only "fear" .

So let me tell you something to avoid unnecessary worry.

1. Keep busy dealing with the creativity, planning and focus on your things, like exercise, reading books, drawing, playing music, etc.

2. Thinking and acting cheerful. We can not do two things together, just as we can not feel that two things together. So you can not be both sad and happy at the same time.

Smile, when you feel it, you feel better.

Emotions can not be controlled, our behavior is manageable. They are interrelated.

As long as you feel good through the performance, then you start to feel good.

These concepts are taken from a book by Dale Carnegie, "How to Stop Fearing and Start Living." This book literally changed the lives of millions of people. Now is your time!

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