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How ultrasound is done during pregnancy

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How ultrasound is done during pregnancy?
Most scans are performed by specially trained ultrasound workers, called songrapher. The scan is done in a dimly lit room, so the sonographer can picture of the baby clearly.
First you will be asked to lie down on the couch. Then  put your skirt or trousers on your hips and put your top on your chest.
The sonographer will place the ultrasound gel on your stomach and attach tissue around the clothing to protect it from the gel. The gel ensures good contact between the machine and the skin.
The sonographer probes your skin with a probe. It is this probe that emits ultrasonic waves and picks them up when they rebound.
The baby's black and white picture appears on the ultrasound screen. During the exam, the sonographer needs to keep the screen in a position where the child can see clearly.
The sonographer will carefully check the baby's body. The scan does not cause harm, but the sonographer may need to apply a slight pressure on your stomach to get the baby's best vision.
How ultrasound is done during pregnancy
How long does the ultrasound scan take?
The scan usually takes about 20-30 minutes. However, if your baby is in awkward position or moves around, the sonographer may not get a good view.
If you are overweight or your body is dense, sometimes this may degrade the quality of the image because more tissue passes before the ultrasound reaches the baby.
If it is difficult to obtain a good image, the scan may take longer or it must be repeated in another.
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