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How to Improve Patient's Experience in Hospital

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How to Improve Patient's Experience in Hospital 
Research has proved that the first and last item in any list is by far the easiest to remember. The same situation applies to customer service: The first and last moment in customer interaction is a permanent "snapshot" of a customer's potential hold in memory, which encompasses the entire incident. It is very difficult to restore the goodwill of the patient, and the patient's first impression is:
• Front desk staff was "interrupted" by troubles - even for half a second.
• Spent a long and tense time looking for a parking space (when she found out, she found the space is six minutes walk to the front door, she is crutches).
• Sign on the chaotic building (once she finally managed to falter for six minutes to the front door).
Say goodbye: Your goodbyes need better than the cold invoice sent by mail to your billing service. (Why do veterinarians generally follow Rover's behavior but doctors rarely do so? This may be different.) The expectation of speed has changed: Your patients are not as patient as they used to be.
patient experience
Everyone in the team needs to know how to apologize
Solving a patient's problem means knowing how to apologize for the patient's missed service. This means getting out of the defensive (or at best, indifferent) aspects of the health care industry that get hurt by the tendency to be dissatisfied with the patient and perceived as a service failure. On the contrary, whatever the distribution of "responsibility" you consider "rational," you should deal with it patiently and promptly, sympathetically, and in such circumstances. And it's been spread to your employees with roleplaying and other training equipment, so every time a patient touches a fan, it will provide you with adequate service.
The key to a great medical team is to cross each employee's purpose in the organization - not a mere job function.
A particularly important aspect of patient care is ensuring that every employee - starting from the direction - understands her particular basic purpose in the organization and recognizes its importance. Employees have both functions, daily job responsibilities, and the purpose of the work. (For example, "creating a successful medical result and a hospitable human experience for our patients" is one purpose, "change sheets" is a function that properly trained and managed employees will know and will be authorized to stop changing if successful Medical results or hospitality, different actions are now required and she will then be celebrated for doing so instead of being scolded for changing the linen.
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