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Overview of the processing machine

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Processing machine means the X-ray film,CT,MPI and other medical film equipment.The working process of processing machine consists four parts of developing,fixing,washing and drying,the film first place some time in a developing liquid containing a developing tank,and then in a fixing tank containing the fixing liquid is placed a certain time then rinse the wash tank,and finally drying,the washing process is complete.Four process are required of the temperature and time,and the process of developing and fixing for liquid concentration are required well.

There are four states for processing machine:cooler,preheating,washing and self-test.Cold state that is on the system power,but does not work;warm-up state that is there is no film but the work area need to be heated to a certain temperature,when there is a carry films can be rapidly heated to a temperature of washing;washing process carried out when washing condition;self check status Check whether the implementing agencies normally.

Due to it is easy to use,such a best processing machine can avoid the harm chemical liquid films did on human body,thus got the favor of major hospitals,the machine occupy a large market share.

What is processing machine

A liquid circulation system was set in a processing machine,so that the liquid is filtered,and thermostat and supplement in order to maintain the normal processing of the necessary ingredients in the liquid、concentration and temperature constant.Electronic temperature regulator developer temperature can be maintained at ± 0.1 ℃,other liquid is ± 1 ℃.Replenisher can be quantified by the meter or metering pumps or excessive complement,supplement and the film may also be proportional to the length of the batch by automatic replenishment mode.

Usually chemical analysis for a variety of liquid regular sampling,to check whether its components accurately,and regularly flushing control wedge,with a photosensitive liquid was measured to review the situation.The need for relative motion between the liquid and the film of liquid to ensure uninterrupted activity and facilitate chemical reactions,so as to ensure the development evenly.Usually there is a nozzle in shelves of the slot,liquid toward the film emulsion side to fan.Some machines are also fitted with a stirrer in the tank,with vigorous stirring instead of injection.

There are apparatus to clear film surface before the procedure droplets between each step to reduce pollution on the next step of the solution.By way of high-pressure air blowing of air knife、suction vacuum suction brush type、soft rubber sheet holder plate and soft rubber squeeze rollers,etc.,or a mixture of several ways.

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