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The influence of lubricant for Handpiece sterilization effect

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Handpiece parts are made of steel,so the key of the dental Handpiece maintenance is guarantee these parts at any time from damp,and the best means to cut off is lubrication.Usually think,bearing and ball bearing should have lubricant at any time.

Cleaning and lubrication of the bearing is an important part of the dental Handpiece maintenance,maintenance.Clean is to prevent a foreign body into the bearing and increase the friction between ball and bearing inner and outer circle,clean process is to use cleaner and lubricating oil will be Handpiece gas path and foreign body of water in the replacement process.Lubrication is to reduce the friction between the ball and bearing inner and outer ring,can offer high speed rotation.Handpiece lubricant in the Handpiece bearing high speed rotating at the same time will be a lot of loss,make the bearings soon is in a state of "shortage of oil",therefore,shall be made after each cleaning to Handpiece charging lubricant,to Handpiece bearing in the lubrication state in time,but too much lubricant can block the sterilization and sterilization sterilization process factors and image.If lubricant accumulated in the surface of the ball,will offer lower efficiency.Some scholars pointed out that,due to the dental injection processing prior to sterilization,lubricant form oil film on the inner wall of the dental handset newspeak,disinfectants are hard to come into contact with the attached in the lumen of dirt on the wall,so can't achieve the real purpose of sterilization.Dental high speed turbine Handpiece charging lubricant and packing seal are not affect pressure steam sterilization effect.

What is Handpiece sterilization

Dental Handpiece has complex internal structure,some pollutants adhere to the internal parts surface,clamping in all kinds of cracks,thin tube.If not clear clean,can cause the failure of the sterilization process.At the same time,if before entering the pollutants within the Handpiece of the sterilization is not clean,under the condition of high temperature to harden,damage the mechanical parts of the Handpiece.Due to remaining in dental bearing and tube cavity pollutants not only affects the sterilization effect,and increase the Handpiece internal components loss,therefore,cleaning and filling lubricant is critical maintenance steps,can effectively improve Handpiece life.Cleaning is the first step on the disinfection process,is also an important aspect of infection control.Cleaning can not only reduce the filth of the instrument and parts of microorganism,also can prevent the mucous clot blocking lumen,ready for further sterilization.When cleaning,use pressure cleaner air inlet at the end of the nozzle on the Handpiece,use cleaner rinse clean debris inside the Handpiece.As manufacturers recommendations with ultrasonic cleaning,should clean Handpieces head and the whole according to the instructions.Such as Handpiece need to be heated before lubrication,use the manufacturers recommended detergent to remove debris inside Handpieces,lubrication of Handpiece.Handpieces to the dental chair,again to start the machine,will be extra lubricant Handpiece clear,to prevent too many in the process of heating the lubricant of accumulation in the Handpiece.Using automatic dental curing system,such as: Medsinglong Global Group CO.,Limited Handpiece curing machine,Handpiece can be a complete cleaning and lubrication,and control right,not cause excessive lubrication of the Handpiece.

The Detal chair and the accessories of it from MSL Global Group Co.,Ltd has quite perfect after-sale services,has a warranty commitment,technical support,in this way can we truly for the customer save worry,save time,save money.If you have any questions can contact our professional technical engineers.Email address:

Manual filling lubricant of Handpieces,staphylococcus aureus has relatively high detection rate (10.00%),compared with the Handpiece maintenance machine filling lubricant,manual filling difficult to precise control injection,such as too many lubricant,may affect the sterilization effect of Handpieces.Different lubricants using method of turbine Handpiece sterilization effect,and viruses,such as: hepatitis b virus,HIV and others would be appeared cross infection by oral treated,different lubricant use a method to this kind of virus,and the effects of sterilization,needs further research.Product details:

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