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The varieties of air compressor

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There are many kinds of cheap air compressor,we’d like to introduce the following 11 kinds for you.Based on the working principle,it can be divided into displacement air compressor and speed air compressor.The working principle of displacement air compressor is to compress the gas volume,which increase the density of gas molecules to improve the pressure of the compressed air.The working principle of speed air compressor is to increase the speed of gas molecules,which convert the kinetic energy into the pressure energy to improve the pressure of the compressed air.

Now the widely used air compressor include the piston air compressor,screw air compressor (including double screw air compressor and single screw air compressor),centrifugal air compressor,vane type air compressor and scroll air compressor.Guangzhou Medsinglong is specialized in different kinds of air compressor.If interested,please contact

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1.Cam type/Diaphragm type and diffusion pump air compressor are not included,because their special usage is limited and the size is small.

2.Reciprocating air compressor is a kind of displacement air compressor.The compression element is a piston,which reciprocating in the cylinder.

3.Rotary air compressor is a kind of displacement air compressor.The compression is realized by the movement of rotating element.

4.Vane air compressor is rotary variable displacement compressor.Slide axially on the cylinder block with eccentric rotor for radial sliding.

5.Liquid-piston air compressor is rotary displacement air compressor.The water or other liquid is used as piston to compress the air and then discharge the air.

6.Roots dual-rotor compressor is rotary displacement air compressor.Two intermeshing roots rotor so that the gas is stopped and take the air to the exhaust port without inside compression.

7.Screw air compressor is rotary displacement air compressor.Two rotors mesh with each other with a helical gear so that discharge the compressed air.

8.Centrifugal air compressor is speed air compressor.The rotating impeller make the air speed and the primary air flow is radial.

9.Axial air compressor is speed air compressor.The air is accelerated by the rotor blades.The main gas stream is axial.

10.Mixed-flow air compressor is speed air compressor.The shape of the rotor combines the features of both centrifugal and axial type.

11.Jet air compressor,which use the high speed air or jet stream to take the air,then convert the speed of combined air into pressure in the diffuser.

Guangzhou Medsinglong has a strong team for after service of dental unit and accessories.We have warranty promise,technical support.In this way,we can save much time and money for the customers.Any other good questions,please contact our sales team and technical

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