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Toothpaste may be an accomplice of tooth loss

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Toothpaste may be an accomplice of tooth loss 
As long as you live, sooner or later, will run into this problem - bleeding gums. In China, the detection rate of gum bleeding among middle-aged people aged 35-44 was 87.4%. If left unchecked, the result is likely to be a loss of teeth - up to 86% of China's 65-74 year-olds have missing teeth.
Dentists also often Tucao: To persuade a person to do oral examination is too difficult, the other will think you just want to earn his money.
Indeed, in the majority of people's minds, gum bleeding, swollen gums, and oral ulcers are not at all illnesses, but simply "get angry." Even if it has been disrupted, it is still only a small problem. Just like winter back chapped, not a big deal, buy a hand cream to wipe enough; bleeding gums, is not a big deal, buy can "rule" its toothpaste to use just fine.
In China, there is such a toothpaste, as soon as ten years ago just came out, the price as high as 20 yuan. In the nineties sold 2 yuan a bowl of the era, with surging posture, quickly forced open the market. Its name for the people is thunderstruck: Yunnanbaiyao toothpaste.
How good is this toothpaste?
Look at the supermarket where an array of toothpaste shelves, there must be a particularly conspicuous blue ocean belongs to it. This toothpaste can sell billions of boxes a year, with annual sales of over 4 billion yuan.
Take a look at advertising Yunnanbaiyao toothpaste, simply omnipotent:
In 2005, Yunnanbaiyao, which just entered the market of toothpaste, was designated as a "full-effect toothpaste", which is mainly used to treat oral problems such as gum bleeding, mouth ulcers, swollen gums, gingival recession, gingivitis, periodontitis, bad breath and tooth decay . A listing will open a round of marketing momentum.
These ads quickly boosted toothpaste sales early in the market. There were voices of questioning at the time: the pharmaceutical companies involved in the field of day, will it be layman?
However, under the success of a round of marketing, Yunnan Baiyao skillfully turned the disadvantage of "cross-border" into an advantage - the blessing of medical science and technology and the creation of a halo of "state secrets" and "national pride" A new toothpaste is different from a new category - "non-traditional oral Almighty health toothpaste," cleverly distinguish their tone and competing products.
From the propaganda point of view, Yunnanbaiyao toothpaste is bleeding gums, swollen gums, oral ulcers and other common oral problems antidote. Together, these three major oral problems cover almost all people across the country. Demand is large and urgent. If you spend more than 20 yuan on the oral problems that have plagued many years, consumers will naturally be willing to pay for them.
That same time, most toothpaste on the market seems to be "silly silly", still promote "decay, whitening, fresh breath." Taste, taste, packaging, no matter how hard to impress critical consumers, to solve the oral problem is the real pain point.
In contrast, Yunnanbaiyao toothpaste claimed that "the country's top three proprietary Chinese medicine recipe", "alone with Yunnanbaiyao six active factor" sounds relatively tricky. As for the top-secret formula is, most consumers do not have time to study - anyway, to solve the problem is enough.
Yunnan Baiyao keen to capture the market demand, through the minds of ordinary people, did not take long to open the invitation to Pu Cunxin as a spokesman.
However, the dentist's general view of this toothpaste is: not recommended.
Next, we talk about why dentists do not like Yunnanbaiyao toothpaste.
Why there is gum bleeding?
Gingival bleeding is caused by periodontal disease of gingival pathology, which is the common sense dentists are aware of. It is great for the destruction of teeth, is the culprit leading to loose teeth, fall off. People often say that "old-fashioned teeth" are not scientific in fact. They did not lose their teeth because of their age, but because of the long-term development of periodontal disease.
The culprit causing periodontitis is plaque and calculus. A large number of experimental studies, epidemiological data and clinical observations have long proved that only the removal of dental calculus, dental plaque control in order to treat periodontal disease.
Brushing teeth, any toothpaste is absolutely impossible to eradicate dental calculus and plaque.
Want to cure bleeding gums, only by scaling, remove plaque stones on the teeth, gums return to health, of course, no more bleeding. If it is severe periodontitis, also need to subgingival cure or root surface formation, clear the gums inside the stones, and then through the periodontal treatment of drugs or periodontal pocket.
The problem has arisen: Periodontitis is a chronic inflammation of periodontal support tissues (gums, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone and cementum), usually with early brushing bleeding, painful gums, bad breath and other symptoms. Periodontitis can be with you for decades, most of the time painless itch, many people mistakenly think this is "gingival".
In retrospect, the principle of Yunnanbaiyao toothpaste is very simple - with hemostatic control of bleeding. Tranexamic acid is a prescription drug used to stop bleeding.
This reminds me of a Japanese novel. A hero has a special ability - not aware of any pain. At first he was complacent because of this supernatural power until later realized that because of the pain he felt, he would face a tremendous danger - as soon as a normal person perceives a pain, he will be able to realize that the body has been hurt and that he Do not even have been seriously injured. Once, the blood almost blew, only to find myself stuck in the back of a knife.
Gum bleeding is also a warning, like a "red light" with teeth lit up. The toothpaste turned off the warning lights, but also make them feel good about themselves, delaying the timing of treatment. In this way, toothpaste becomes an accomplice of tooth loss.
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