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What is utoimmune disease | Dietary conditioning

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Autoimmune diseases are diseases caused by the body's immune response to autoantigens and resulting in damage to their own tissues. Many diseases have been listed as autoimmune diseases one after another. It is worth mentioning that the existence of autoantibodies and autoimmune diseases are not two equivalent concepts. Autoantibodies can exist in normal people without autoimmune diseases, especially the elderly. Such as anti-thyroglobulin, thyroid epithelial cells, parietal cells, nuclear DNA antibodies. Sometimes, damaged or antigenic tissue changes can stimulate the production of autoantibodies, such as myocardial ischemia, necrotic myocardium can cause anti-myocardial autoantibody formation, but this antibody is not pathogenic, is a secondary immune response.
(1) High titer autoantibodies are often detected in the patient's serum.
(2) The pathological changes associated with the immune response occur. The lesions are mainly chronic inflammation with infiltration of lymphocytes and plasma cells.
(3) Most of the reasons are unclear and may be related to factors such as heredity, infection, drugs, and the environment.
(4) The course of the disease is generally longer, with repeated onset and relief repeated.
(5) Generally more women than men.
(6) Animal reproduction can be performed.
autoimmune disease
Treatment principles
1, Prevent and control the infection of pathogens
2, Use of immunosuppressants
3, Anti-inflammatory therapy
4, Cell therapy
5, Specific antibody therapy
6, Oral Autoantigens - Tolerance
Dietary conditioning
1, Drink yogurt: adhere to a balanced diet, if people have alcohol, mental stress or diet imbalance, will make people's ability to resist disease weakened. To correct this imbalance, it is necessary to rely on health bacteria, yogurt contains such bacteria.
2, Drink more water: Remember, it is boiled water! This keeps the mucous membranes in the nose and mouth moist; it also makes people feel refreshed and full of energy. Studies have shown that boiled water has a very good physiological activity on the body's metabolism. Water is easily absorbed by the body through the cell membrane, so that the activity of lactate dehydrogenase in human organs is enhanced, thereby effectively improving the body's resistance to disease and immunity. Especially the first glass of cold water in the morning is particularly important.
3, Eat more seafood: seafood is rich in iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, copper, etc., regular consumption can promote immune function.
4. Regular tea drinking: Scientists have discovered that tea contains a chemical called theanine. Because it can mobilize the body's immune cells against bacteria, fungi, and viruses, it can increase the body's ability to fight infection by more than five times.
5, May wish to drink red wine: Most of the alcoholic beverages will have an inhibitory effect on the body's immune system, but the wine is just the opposite, it contains some anti-oxidant substances are very beneficial to enhance immune function, but also help protect the heart.
6, Eat animal liver: animal liver contains folic acid, selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, and vitamin B6, B12, etc., these substances help to promote immune function.
autoimmune disease
7, The study found that Cordyceps can effectively increase the number of immune system cells and tissues, promote antibody production, increase the number of phagocytosis, killer cells, but also can reduce the function of certain immune cells, is the first choice to enhance the body's immune system. Formula: Select Fulanmen Cordyceps sinensis with good texture, take it after crushed, 1.5 grams each time, 2 times a day, taking 10 days consecutively, most patients can obtain significant curative effect.
8, Appropriate to add iron: iron can enhance immunity; but excessive intake of iron is harmful to the body, not more than 45 mg per day.
9, Glutamine supplementation: It is an essential non-essential amino acid, called the strengthening of the immune system, one of the "weapon." People with frequent colds or diarrhea can take glutamine powder in juice or cold water.
10, Supplement arginine: sea cucumber, squid, loach, squid and yams, black sesame seeds, ginkgo, tofu skin, frozen tofu, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts are rich in this material, and more food helps to enhance immune immunity.
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