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What is the cause of a chemical pregnancy?

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The cause of the chemical pregnancy has not been determined. However, most cases report that the pregnancy of the chemical is due to embryo related problems. The problem with embryos is usually due to low quality sperm or eggs. Other possible factors for chemical pregnancy include:
"Uterine abnormalities
"Infections such as chlamydia and syphilis
"Horogen level abnormalities
"Uterus implantation process
Women over the age of 35 with certain medical health problems have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Medical problems usually include blood clotting and thyroid disease. The worst part of a chemical pregnancy is that there is no way to stop it.
cause of a chemical pregnancy
Chemical pregnancy certainly does not mean that a person cannot be pregnant and have a healthy baby. Although there is no cure for this early abortion, there are other options you can think of. If a woman has experienced multiple chemical pregnancies in a row, the doctor will perform some tests to check the root cause. If the doctor can identify and treat it because it will reduce the chance of receiving a chemical pregnancy again.
For example, a woman is pregnant because of an undiagnosed infection. Now she can take prescription antibiotics to treat it, which can increase the chances of conception and provide a healthy baby in the future. If the underlying cause is related to the problem, surgery is needed to get a healthy pregnancy. Higher levels of pregnancy hormones do not always mean a chemical pregnancy, which may also be due to ectopic pregnancy. When there is a high level of hCG in the body during implantation, the egg is implanted outside the uterus.
In conclusion
Chemical pregnancy certainly does not mean that a woman cannot be pregnant. The body helps women identify potential early stages of determining the cause that will help her early diagnosis of her chemical composition. Get the proper treatment.
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