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Dialysis cost and diet tips for dialysis patients

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Hemodialysis also called artificial kidney, and kidney washing, which is a kind of blood purification technology. If dialysis is calculated at 10 times per month, it will cost about RMB 5-6,000, plus erythropoietin and other drugs that must be used, about 0.8-1 million yuan per month, and at least about 10-12 million yuan per year. The cost of hemodialysis will increase when complications occur. The cost of peritoneal dialysis will be even higher, between 30,000 and 30,000. Of course, the prices of medical materials and medicines vary from place to place.
dialysis cost
Diet tips
What are the fruits that dialysis patients can eat? It is understood that in general such patients basically do not have fruit taboos. The situation depends on the condition of the individual.
Peritoneal dialysis patients are not limited, if there is a case of low potassium, but also encourage the consumption of potassium-rich fruits, such as oranges, oranges and so on.
Anuria-free dialysis patients and hemodialysis patients need to eliminate potassium-containing foods during nondialysis.
Here are some foods that contain potassium.
High potassium vegetables
Green leafy vegetables (such as spinach, spinach, leeks, lettuce), mushrooms, seaweed, kelp, carrots, potatoes.
High potassium fruit
Bananas, tomatoes, dates, oranges, oranges, mangoes, persimmons, melons, grapefruits, carambolas (easily napped), it is advisable to use one kind of fruit each time, with a serving weight of about 1/6.
Low potassium fruit
Pineapple, papaya, watermelon, pear, strawberry, lemon, etc., but it should not eat a lot.
Patients with dialysis who are more knowledgeable and aware of dietary knowledge will benefit the treatment.
Be able to tolerate and control the blood pressure at the target value as much as possible because of the adverse effects of high blood pressure on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
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